Fighting through the fog..

Favim_com-18493So this weekend I was able to reflect on many things and reflect I did…Unfortunately I was admitted to the hospital on Saturday. I have battled fibromalaygia for 7 years and often the chronic pain I experience is unbearable! I am always in pain, however some days, I have what is referred to as a flare. My children often push me to go to the ER on my  worst days and this weekend I obliged…even though I knew it would not be pretty…My intense pain is always met with a shot…in my hip.  Its not fun as you can imagine, but I have pushed through for many years.

This weekend, I felt different…the doctor informed me that I would be staying over night, because my blood pressure was low. Needless to say over night, turned into a weekend and I reflected….Although I often keep my struggles private…I  have learned that crosses can not be beared alone and as I sat in the hospital bed…several reminders were dropped into my spirit.

I thought back over my life, my journey, my accomplishments and I was reminded about all I have given and done for others over my time here on earth…its been too much too count. I was reminded that I must take a little more time for me..I was reminded that I was expendable and also informed that I was not getting any younger. Reminded that some things are not that important and that some people are very important!

Reminded that I must not continue to give until I am depleted…My 2015 resolution was once again dicphered and I analyzed it well.   I fought through the fog of fibro and will continue to fight…

I was thankful for the family and friends who checked up on me.. the ones who reminded me of all the “reminders” I often forget about,,,grateful for the texts and phone calls.

This post is simply a reminder to each of you that life is simply what you make it…live it and live it well, beacuse you only have one and that “one” is valued by many.

Peace, Love & Empowerment



Stickin’ It To Fibro Signs Campaign


So, one universally accepted emotion among all Fibromyalgia, and chronic illness patients for that matter is that our illnesses suck, they bite big time, they’re awful, we hate them, etc. So, we are implementing a brand new awareness campaign!

It’s called the “Stick It To Fibro” signs campaign!

So, I’ll explain a little bit more about the idea behind the campaign below.

Levity and laughter is a vital piece of personal wellness. While laughter in and of itself will not cure any of our illnesses, it certainly does make them a little more tolerable on our good days. So let’s take advantage of that! The Stick It To Fibro Sign Campaign is all about telling Fibromyalgia how we’re defeating it! For example; you could create a sign that says “I’m Gonna Beat You Fibro!” or perhaps “F**K You Fibro, I do what I want!” Whatever you can think of, put it on a sign, snap a photo of yourself and send it to us using the link provided below! 

Maybe you don’t feel like making a sign, that’s okay too! Perhaps you enjoy crafting, exercising, running, singing, whatever your hobby is! Have someone snap a photo of you while you’re doing it! Share it with us along with a snippet of why your hobby helps you stick it to Fibro! Each photo will be shared on our Facebook page, as well as here on the main Fibro Fighterz website! 

We’re aiming to create a beautiful video with all of the submissions that we receive, so that we can show the world that we are not going to let our illnesses rule us, nor defeat us. We control them, not the other way around. With Fibromyalgia awareness day just around the corner, we thought this would be a great project to get out there! Please help us to spread the word far and wide! Share on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, Tumblr, wherever you can think of to share it! We want to make this a huge Fibromyalgia Awareness project! So let’s do this! Let’s kick some Fibro ass!

Click Here To Submit Your Photo!

Bendi’s Magnetic Jewelry – Pretty AND Powerful Pain Relief!

As a Fibromyalgia patient for the past ten years or so, I’ll admit that to many people trying to “sell” me a cure for my Fibromyalgia, I’ve become jaded. It’s a natural reaction, and I think that many Fibromyalgia sufferers are the exact same way. I mean, I’ve heard stories where people have actually taken the bait that these companies are dangling in front of us. It’s sad. We all want so badly to feel at least a little bit better. To me, it’s heartbreaking and terribly cruel for companies to try and make a fast buck off of the chronically ill. But I digress.

We all know that as of this day, this moment, there is no cure for Fibromyalgia yet. Perhaps somewhere in the future, but it will take time. The best thing that we can do is learn to manage our symptoms, find what works for relieving our pain, even temporarily. Of course, I haven’t found any miraculous product that has taken my pain away, or ridden me of my fatigue. I would be lying if I said that. I’m still the same old hurt-y and pain-y Jenn. But like I mentioned above, I am attempting to learn to control my symptoms, so my life doesn’t feel so incredibly out of my control when a flare decides to peek it’s ugly head in.

Along with Fibromyalgia, I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, among a whole host of other chronic illnesses as well, but that’s a whole other blog post. Because my profession is writing, my wrists are often achy, with the rest of my arm and my fingers becoming numb after awhile. It is not a pleasant feeling. I have to get up and shake my arm around spastically to try and get some of the feeling back into it. I’ve tried pain creams, I have tried wearing the wrist braces that my doctor suggested that I sleep in. Those were terribly uncomfortable and scratchy, so scratchy. I still try to wear them at times when it gets really bad. I know that eventually, I have to go see a doctor for it, but with my step-dad in the midst of getting his cancer treatments, there is seldom time for much else as of lately.

I’ve heard some good things about magnetic jewelry. I’ll be honest though, like I said, I’ve become jaded, so at first I was quite skeptical as to the supposed benefits of these bracelets. But, I’m willing to try almost anything once. So, I actually was really excited to pick out two bracelets, one for each wrist. Bendi’s Magnetic Jewelry offers a bunch of amazing styles of magnetic jewelry, really anything to suit anyone’s tastes! Ultimately, here is the first one I chose:

Rainbow Brite Magnetic Hematite Bracelet

and then this one….

Hematite and Pewter Bracelet

I squealed myself silly when they arrived in the mail. They are so pretty! The even have Fibromyalgia awareness bracelets! They also offer anklets, earrings, necklaces and more! But anyway, each bracelet can be custom sized so it’s totally unique to you, and the best part is, their jewelry is totally affordable. When I slipped them on, I’ll admit that I did so with some skepticism. After an hour or so I hadn’t felt any different. I couldn’t pinpoint a big change, but I also didn’t expect these to take away the pain entirely. But I did start to notice little tiny changes, especially when I was typing. When my arm would normally go numb with the carpal tunnel, I noticed that it wouldn’t any longer. Where my hands would often swell because the pain was so bad, they no longer did.

The changes were subtle, but they definitely were there. I was rather pleased. I wear them everywhere I go, but especially when I am working on the computer. Nothing helps like these bracelets.

Seriously Go Check Out Bendi’s Magnetic Jewelry!

New Biotech Company On Verge of Finding A Cure?

New Biotech Company Possibly Found Cause AND Cure For Fibromyalgia? Photo via StockFreeImages

New Biotech Company Possibly Found Cause AND Cure For Fibromyalgia? Photo via StockFreeImages

Over a decade of medical research has yielded some promising results in terms of finding something to finally ease our pain and suffering with Fibromyalgia. Dr. William “Skip” Pridgen has been researching Fibromyalgia for the past 15 years while simultaneously working in this full-time surgical practice, Tuscaloosa Surgical Associates PC. Through his research, he has developed a new drug and a treatment that may one day actually provide a cure for Fibromyalgia! His research has also led him to create Innovative Med Concepts, which is a biotech company that one day hopes to bring forth the medical discoveries to the marketplace.

While there are currently various drugs on the market to treat the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, there is no definitive cure for the illness itself. Pridgen, along with Carol Duffy, who holds a doctorate in virology as well as being an assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Alabama, have together developed a drug that both believe will cure the problem. So far, two trial phases to test their new drug and treatment have yielded some incredibly promising results. Both researchers hope to soon move on to the final phase of the testing, but that’s a process that could take several years. However, if the results from the trial phase prove to be successful, the United States Food and Drug                      Administration could approve the drug for widespread use in humans.

Pridgen says “We feel we are on the right track and feel this is a real game changer, it is the tip of the iceberg. What we are discovering will accomplish so much more.” Duffy and Pridgen have thus far completed the first two test phases which must be completed in order for the new drug to come to market. In the first phase, the drug was tested on lab animals, whereas phase two had involved limited tests on Fibromyalgia patients, half of which were given the drug, and the other of the half were given a placebo. Those phase two results are now coming in. Pridgen comments “We got 90% of the results back and they are very positive. In the next couple of weeks we will see all the data.”

Thus far, Pridgen has raised about $5 million dollars for the tests, but additional funding will be needed for phase three testing. Pridgen is looking to various funding sources, which may include partnering with another biotech company or seeking financial backing from investors. The third phase of testing will take approximately 2-3 years to complete and will start with a thorough toxicology study to make certain that the higher doses of the drug will be safe for the Fibromyalgia patients taking it. If the toxicology study results satisfy the FDA, they would give the OK to start testing.

Pridgen first got started with his Fibromyalgia research while he was attempting to help his patients that were dealing with pain from irritable bowel syndrome. He had first discussed the problem with his mother, who is a biotechnologist at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  As the two continued to talk about the subject, they began to theorize that Fibromyalgia may be caused by a herpes virus that weakens one’s immune system. That was when Pridgen began extensively researching Fibromyalgia. Pridgen also states that he didn’t get serious about it until he had accompanied his daughter on a medical mission to the country of  Honduras. Pridgen’s daughter is fluent in Spanish, and she served as his translator in treating his patients. He learned that many of them were suffering extreme pain bought on by Fibromyalgia.

Pridgen says that seeing the suffering first hand of those Honduran patients drove him to devote more of his time to researching the condition. It also had meant working two jobs, medical researcher and surgeon. Pridgen admits that working both jobs made life with his family and office personnel tough at times. Pridgen also adds that many people think that the development of any new drug or medical treatment often occurs in a pharmaceutical company, but that it indeed has been happening lately in smaller start-up biotech companies like Innovative Med Concepts.

Pridgen says “The ultimate goal if the drug succeeds will be to get people suffering the pain caused by Fibromyalgia back into the workforce and back to where they can enjoy life.”

FighterzNet: Week of 3/18

It’s that time of the week again, Fibro Fighterz! I’m sorry I am a few days off, it’s just been a crazy mess of things at home! You know how that is. Especially with Fibromyalgia, things can get tough. Spring is on it’s way here in New Jersey, I think we have finally seen the last of the snow – I hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that! But, I digress. I’ve found a whole bunch of new websites this week for this edition of FighterzNet, I think you will be very pleased! So take a peek at them and see what you think!

Health Month

We all want to lead healthier lives. That’s just part of human nature. But often times, especially when one is befallen with a chronic illness, it can be rather tough to get ourselves motivated. Even the mentality for change isn’t there. I don’t know about you, but even when I am feeling my worst, I am always up for a good game or two. HealthMonth has taken that idea and turned it into an incredible motivation tool! Their website is centered around a wheel, which you can take for a spin! Think of it as a wheel of fortune of sorts, just for keeping yourself in check! There are many different challenges for the month and there is also a fun community you can join as well for others to help you along in your quest for good health! You can set your own rules, too.

Click Here To Visit Health Month!


If you’ve ever wondered about getting a second opinion when you weren’t satisfied with the answers that your primary care provider gave you, there is a website out there that is the perfect solution for that. As Fibromyalgia patients, it can be tough to essentially hop from doctor to doctor, it is physically taxing on our bodies. Second.MD is the online solution to that problem! With their website you can access top healthcare providers that you can ask any health questions that you want, right from the comfort of your own home.

Click Here To Visit Second.MD

Med ID’s

Even for someone who isn’t living with a chronic illness, it is extremely important to have a medical ID card with you at all times, should a medical emergency arise and you are unable to communicate. It’s imperative to have your medical information on you, but you don’t have to pay for fancy ID cards to do so.  With Med ID’s, you can enter your information and print up a medical ID card from the comfort of your own home. Their website also offers an array of different products that will alert medical professionals that you keep a medical ID card in your wallet. Check out their website and get yourself one!

Click Here To Visit Med ID’s!


If there is one thing that I can completely forgetful on, it is my daily medications. Whether or not it is the ever elusive “Fibro Fog,” remains to be seen. But I have tried nearly everything to make sure that I take all of my medicines on time. You know how that can be, sometimes the refills come up at different times in the month, it gets confusing, and we end up forgetting, and ultimately missing some of our medications that are most important in helping us on our path to wellness. Enter the PillPack. I’m kind of really excited about this, it’s a packet put together with all of your current medications! In addition to that, it also lists what time of day you are supposed to take them, exactly what is in the packet, including medication names and dosages, the day of the week and the date. Seriously neat. Personally, I am going to definitely look into this for myself. I’m never going to have to buy another pillbox again, nor will I have to remember refills, either! Huzzah! 

Click Here To Visit Pill Pack

The Pillow Fort Magazine

I will admit that it is not often that there is a magazine that I am interested in reading. But this past week, there is one that caught my attention and aptly held it. Do you remember the pillow forts that we used to build as kids? They were our safe havens, our headquarters, a place we could go to escape. Well, guess what?! The Pillow Fort Magazine has created an incredible magazine for those living with chronic illnesses. Even their slogan is amazing, “Making Chronic Illness Suck Less!” With amazing resources, personal stories, how-tos, lists, and more, you are not going to be disappointed with this magazine!

Click Here To Purchase The Pillow Fort Magazine!

TFFBA: Julie Ryan of Counting My Spoons!

 It’s that time again, folks! We have been scouring the net for those amazing bloggers that go the extra step, enlightening their readers, employing humor to add levity to their life, sharing information and tips, and more! We’ve awarded the Fibro Fighterz Fierce & Fabulous Blogger Award to another recipient! You can find out more about our latest winner below!

Julie Ryan

Counting My Spoons

About Julie:

“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2010 and have been blogging about this lovely ride ever since, sharing my journey, what I learn, and the stories of others along the way. After a couple of extremely bad years I was able to find some relief for my Fibro symptoms through a massive diet change, giving up gluten, grains, eggs, dairy, and yeast. I also drink a lot of fresh green juice. It’s not a cure but it’s the best treatment I’ve found.”

Through blogging, Julie has been able to reach many readers and helped them learn more about Fibromyalgia and chronic pain through her informative and inspirational posts. Through her blog, Counting My Spoons, she also shares her favorite Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and chronic illness blogs via her featured Fibro Warrior Wednesday, where she interviews a different Fibromyalgia/Chronic pain advocate each week. Julie is also a contributor on the subject of fatigue at

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Special Edition Fibro Fighterz Hoodies Available!


I am pleased to announce that Fibro Fighterz is doing a limited edition run of these awesome “I’m A Fighter” hoodies! We’ve been surveying our members via Twitter and Facebook, and many of you told us loud and clear that you would like to see Fibro Fighterz hoodies, so here they are! We are doing a very limited run on them though! There are only 75 available! Proceeds benefit the “Kicking Esophageal Cancer In The Gut” IndieGogo campaign!