Author: Sonia Rodriguez

I have wanted to LIVE in TEXAS since I was in Miss Nagle's 3rd grade class. Now I am in Austin, Texas. And I love this eclectic City



Ok Under New Management


Am Looking for new writers, contributors, also Positivity Posters MeMe makers. Nothing has been done since Dec 2015. And I account for that part as I am staff and writer.. We need; facts, Personal story section, Healthy Eating Section, Exercise is Hard but for the ones who want to – I need someone to write a story on low impact exercises and everyday chores that can get you up and about. Since the previous people gave up and stopped writing AND LET THE SITE FALL ASLEEP. I am so glad I was cleaning out my WordPress account. Because I have been looking for a voice for the common everyday person who needs answers that could help them. Something anyone anywhere can do. Any new research can be posted and verified.

I need a lifestyle writer, A Ask Fibro Mom, Ask Fibro Researcher, The Vent Room, Medicine War Columns; One Pharmaceutical way, One Alternative Medicine Way Writers. Personal Life stories, and General Information Stories and Deep Interest Columns on Fibromyalgia

We need Facts, True Life stories, Healthy Eating Habits, New Research, and Alternative Medicine. Let us bring this Magazine and Site a world of information for anyone to understand….. Please if interested please fill in the form below. So I may get a hold of you for an online interview. Thank you let you let us be the magazine that survives by its loyal patrons. Contributors to any stories will be checked for factual information as we will not be full of wishful thinking but truthful. Let us make this most popular magazine ever. Can not wait to hear from many supporters to keep this site alive