5 Reasons Why Fibro Fighterz Are Badasses

1. We wage a war each day we wake up, fighting an internal battle within ourselves. Sometimes, I like to picture my body fighting back, as if there were a tribe of tiny little army men with their little weapons, *pew* *pew* *pew*. Sometimes I have to aid them in battle with a pain killer, but that’s okay. It gives them time to rest up for the next battle. Positive visualization is a wonderful tool for relieving our pain sometimes. Close your eyes, picture your pain. What does it look like to you? I’ve often visualized my pain as little ninjas with extra-sharp throwing stars. They ricochet off my muscles, and attempt to kick some serious ass. Hey, the point of this exercise is to make yourself smile. Think of your pain as something silly. It might make it hurt a little less, or at least give you a good chuckle or two, and that is worth something! Today, I visualize my pain as a pair of pissed off kittens in rainbow dresses.


Quick! Emergency Kitten Will Always Make You Feel Better!

2. If nothing else, we have learned to multi-task. WELL. Despite our raging pain, we press on every day. If that isn’t BAD-ASS, I don’t know what is.


3. We have quite a large network of friends. Online, offline and in-between. Talk about a huge support system! Our Fibro Friendz are there to help us through our rough times, laugh with us in our good times, a person to share our experiences with, lend their shoulders to cry on and share hugs with us when we need them. They are an extended family, one that will always be close-knit, and one that will always understand each other.


4. We can rock a pair of pajamas like high fashion haute couture. We have perfected the art of the “messy ponytail.” We have a slipper collection that rivals a fashion model’s shoe collection. But the best part about all that? We rock that shit with style.


5.  No matter what, we NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT. And that, my friends, is something to be real proud of.



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