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Thalassotherapy shown to benefit Fibromyalgia patients.

This is something that I am happy to see! There are a really good amount of studies going around concerning Fibromyalgia and treatments that help ease the pain. Compared to years past, it’s a marked improvement, to say the least! I even keep a specific Google Alert set up to e-mail me when any news article with the word “Fibromyalgia” pops up, so I can keep on top of the latest news, research and studies going on with it. This morning, when I checked my e-mail, an article about Thalassotherapy for Fibromyalgia came up!

Thalasso-What-Now? I’ll admit, that I have never heard of Thalassotherapy until today, either. So, I threw myself into researching it, as I typically do when something says it’s going to help my pain and fatigue. Thalassotherapy is a type of alternative therapy, also considered a form of hydrotherapy, that involves soaking oneself in the ocean, seawater, or using sea products (typically algae or seaweed) on oneself. The theory is that when the water is absorbed through the body, the minerals that are found to naturally occur in seawater (which often include zinc and magnesium) will help to combat mineral deficiencies and enhance one’s health.

Research on Thalassotherapy is quite limited. However, the few that have been done have shown that Fibromyalgia patients who engage in Thalassotherapy have experienced improvements in both their physical and mental health. There is also a bit of evidence that shows that this therapy may even boost a Fibromyalgia patient’s emotional health as well.

Hey, even before we knew there was a word for it, I think we all kind of knew that a good soak in the ocean would do the mind, body and soul a world of good. Mother nature is capable of helping us in our healing, if we only let her.


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