More Humor Required

Now that I’ve had a couple of visits with Dr. R, I think he may understand me a little better….maybe.

I did the shoulder X-ray, the one he thought would reveal a torn rotator cuff. I got the MRI that he thought would show something other than fibro. I went in for the results, after of course, requesting more time off from work. So, the X-ray, he says didn’t show anything. Well there you go Captain Obvious, because I didn’t tell you that from the get go! So, I decided to play his game. “Maybe it’s osteoarthritis” I say, “because I have it in my neck”. He replies with “Nope, I think it’s your Fibromyalgia.” Y’all could probably hear my mental head smack from where you are. So, then we move on to the MRI. “Remind me”, he says, “Which leg and side of your back hurts the worst?” To which I reply “well, they both hurt, but my left side is the worst.” “Are you sure it’s your left?” He asks me. Mentally I’m fighting back my flippant responses. Mmm, wait!! I’ve had my left and right confused since I was three years old!! Wow, I’ve been so confused, I was feeling pain on the right side and didn’t even know it! After him asking three different ways and me assuring him that it was indeed my left side that hurt the worst he informed me that I have a bulging disc in either L1 or L2, I failed to retain which it was, on my right side. Boy, that says something, fibro hurts worse than a bulging disc in my lower back. He sent me off with a shot of steroid in my shoulder, and a two new prescriptions.

Those two prescriptions had phenomenal effects. The first one didn’t do much it seemed, so as per his directions I started the other new medication. I don’t know if it was the second pill or the combination of the two, but I became “lazier” than usual. My boss sent me home from work early two days that week, and that never happens. I went straight home and slept…until dinner time when my husband woke me up and wanted me to eat. I told him thanks but sleep was much more enticing than dinner, and that’s saying something because, he is a really, really good cook. He insisted I eat something, so I ate and went back to bed…until morning. Days 1 and 2 were carbon copies of each other. Then I was 45 minutes late going in on the third day. I emailed my boss, who only works in the afternoon, and told on myself. Luckily she was very understanding. So, I quit taking the second one, which helped some. Dr. R told me he wanted to up the dose on the first med. The new dose isn’t doing much, just keeping me on the sleepy, or dopey side of things.

It sure was a crazy ride. Tomorrow I get to try it again and go see what Dr. R has in store for me this month. I’m sure I get cast in the part of lab rat for Act 2. Stay tuned!


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