FighterzNet: Week of 3/18

It’s that time of the week again, Fibro Fighterz! I’m sorry I am a few days off, it’s just been a crazy mess of things at home! You know how that is. Especially with Fibromyalgia, things can get tough. Spring is on it’s way here in New Jersey, I think we have finally seen the last of the snow – I hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that! But, I digress. I’ve found a whole bunch of new websites this week for this edition of FighterzNet, I think you will be very pleased! So take a peek at them and see what you think!

Health Month

We all want to lead healthier lives. That’s just part of human nature. But often times, especially when one is befallen with a chronic illness, it can be rather tough to get ourselves motivated. Even the mentality for change isn’t there. I don’t know about you, but even when I am feeling my worst, I am always up for a good game or two. HealthMonth has taken that idea and turned it into an incredible motivation tool! Their website is centered around a wheel, which you can take for a spin! Think of it as a wheel of fortune of sorts, just for keeping yourself in check! There are many different challenges for the month and there is also a fun community you can join as well for others to help you along in your quest for good health! You can set your own rules, too.

Click Here To Visit Health Month!


If you’ve ever wondered about getting a second opinion when you weren’t satisfied with the answers that your primary care provider gave you, there is a website out there that is the perfect solution for that. As Fibromyalgia patients, it can be tough to essentially hop from doctor to doctor, it is physically taxing on our bodies. Second.MD is the online solution to that problem! With their website you can access top healthcare providers that you can ask any health questions that you want, right from the comfort of your own home.

Click Here To Visit Second.MD

Med ID’s

Even for someone who isn’t living with a chronic illness, it is extremely important to have a medical ID card with you at all times, should a medical emergency arise and you are unable to communicate. It’s imperative to have your medical information on you, but you don’t have to pay for fancy ID cards to do so.  With Med ID’s, you can enter your information and print up a medical ID card from the comfort of your own home. Their website also offers an array of different products that will alert medical professionals that you keep a medical ID card in your wallet. Check out their website and get yourself one!

Click Here To Visit Med ID’s!


If there is one thing that I can completely forgetful on, it is my daily medications. Whether or not it is the ever elusive “Fibro Fog,” remains to be seen. But I have tried nearly everything to make sure that I take all of my medicines on time. You know how that can be, sometimes the refills come up at different times in the month, it gets confusing, and we end up forgetting, and ultimately missing some of our medications that are most important in helping us on our path to wellness. Enter the PillPack. I’m kind of really excited about this, it’s a packet put together with all of your current medications! In addition to that, it also lists what time of day you are supposed to take them, exactly what is in the packet, including medication names and dosages, the day of the week and the date. Seriously neat. Personally, I am going to definitely look into this for myself. I’m never going to have to buy another pillbox again, nor will I have to remember refills, either! Huzzah! 

Click Here To Visit Pill Pack

The Pillow Fort Magazine

I will admit that it is not often that there is a magazine that I am interested in reading. But this past week, there is one that caught my attention and aptly held it. Do you remember the pillow forts that we used to build as kids? They were our safe havens, our headquarters, a place we could go to escape. Well, guess what?! The Pillow Fort Magazine has created an incredible magazine for those living with chronic illnesses. Even their slogan is amazing, “Making Chronic Illness Suck Less!” With amazing resources, personal stories, how-tos, lists, and more, you are not going to be disappointed with this magazine!

Click Here To Purchase The Pillow Fort Magazine!


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