FighterzNet: Helpful Websites For Fibro Fighterz

It has certainly been awhile since we have done another installment of FighterzNet (Formerly Helpful Websites For Fighterz.) Our goal with this series is to help our fellow Fibro Fighting friends navigate the web and find great websites to help them along on their quest for wellness, and sometimes we add a little extra fun websites in here and there for some levity, because that’s an important factor in health and wellness. We are hoping to make this a regular feature and if you know of any websites that you feel would be of any help to your fellow Fibro Fighterz, please don’t hesitate to submit them to us! You can let us know about the websites by e-mailing our administrator directly at! So without further ado, here are our top five favorite websites for Fibro Fighterz this week! As always, we have to throw our boring little disclaimer in here, none of the information contained in the links on our blog are the opinions of Fibro Fighterz or it’s affiliate websites, and if you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your physician or visit your local hospital immediately. Now onto the fun stuff…

drugAs patients living with chronic conditions, quite a few of us are on medications to manage one or more of our symptoms. As patients, it is important to make educated decisions when it comes to taking new medications. Something I have always done is do my research before I agree to take a new medicine. DrugCite helps make that decision easier by providing you with a wealth of information on any medication you can think of. It will list the most common side effects, any adverse effects reported to the FDA, and they even offer a tool to create a report about you and the medication you take or are looking into taking to bring with you to your doctor to discuss. It’s completely free and very easy to use. I highly recommend checking it out!

Click Here To Visit DrugCite 

Sometimes, we all just need a listening ear, someone to talk to and vent our frustrations to. BlahTherapy offers a solution for that. In addition to offering the service of connecting you to a live therapist for a nominal fee, you have the option of connecting with a total stranger to talk to. These people connect to the website as “Listeners,” volunteers to hear others out. It’s their way of paying it forward. The great part is, you don’t even have to sign up as a member to use their website, meaning your identity is totally concealed if you so wish it to be. Their website is super easy to use and navigate. But I do have to say that if you feel that you are truly having trouble, I urge you to contact your local hospital for assistance.

Click Here To Visit BlahTherapy 


The minute that your browser loads the amazing-ness that is EnlightenMed, you will see how incredibly different this website truly is! From their friendly and easy-to-navigate website setup to their mission statement, this website is looking to transform the way that we look at health. I’ve spent many a good hour or two poking around their website just to see what they were about, and I was not disappointed, nor did I ever get bored. It is something that I definitely recommend you check out if you have a little extra time on your hands, their website is truly one in a million!

Click Here To Visit EnlightenMed ←


As Fibromyalgia patients, more often than not, we have all experienced Fibro Fog at one point or another. I know that in experiencing that fun fog that often strikes at the worst moments, it can be awful. I have even legitimately left my entire wallet at home when I went to the doctor, which means I’ve left my insurance cards behind. You know how doctors offices and hospitals are, they want to see that dang card every time that you go see them. But what happens when you forget it? What happens then? If it’s a new doctor you’re seeing, and they don’t have your info in their system, then you’re kind of screwed. Until now. With Medlio, they are simplifying healthcare by eliminating the need to carry your insurance cards with you everywhere. Instead, their application allows you to view your healthcare benefits on your phone or tablet, find providers and facilities that accept your insurance, pay your provider any co-pays right through your mobile device and even check in to your appointments right through your device! It’s a really incredible idea, and I can’t wait to see how this new idea evolves in the next couple of years!

Click Here To Visit ←


This website isn’t so much about health as it is all about providing hope and sharing uplifting and positive tidbits of members. I’ve come to GivesMeHope when I was feeling kinda down and I would read two or three of their hopeful snippets, as I like to call them, and I instantly feel better. They are incredibly sweet stories, and I am including their website in this list because I really feel that it could be a useful tool for Fibro Fighterz to use when they are having a low day. If you’re looking for a quick smile, this website is where you are going to find it.

→  Click Here To Visit GivesMeHope ←

Look for FighterzNet: Helpful Websites For FibroFighterz every Tuesday!



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