Product Review: FibroFree Complex



This is the first of several product reviews I’m going to post regarding things that I personally take to manage my fibromyalgia symptoms. Remember, your mileage may vary, and you have a responsibility to do your research and talk to your health care providers before undergoing any new health regimen.

(Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, I am not affiliated with the product’s manufacturer, I paid for the product that I am reviewing, and I am in no way receiving any compensation for this review. Talk to your health care professionals before undertaking any new health regimens. Advice given is personal experience and is no way a statement of efficacy for anyone but the reviewer, use at your own risk.)

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine sent me a link to a product that the wife of a friend of hers had started using for her fibromyalgia. It took me a couple of weeks to get around to looking at it. The product, FibroFree Complex by, was listed to help symptoms of fibromyalgia, including aches and pains, fatigue, and more.

I am a skeptic by nature. But, at the time, I also didn’t have any insurance and was also using a self-Frankensteined mix of supplements to help manage my symptoms as best I could. So I decided to give it a try.

I suggest before anyone tries it that they carefully examine and research the list of ingredients and make sure they will not conflict with anything they’re currently taking. I now have insurance again and was able to go see my GP, who took a look at what I was taking and okayed it for me. (I’d already been taking it for a couple of months at the time.)

I’ve been taking it for about four months now. I have noticed that, when I take it, my energy levels are better, and my generalized pain is less than it usually is. Also, I have the frequent problem of getting really bad muscle knots along the back of my shoulder blades every month, especially when I’m close to my deadline at the end of the month (being hunched over a laptop, writing 12-14 hours a day). Usually they get so bad that Hubby has to work on them with massage tools to loosen them up enough to reduce the pain. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been taking this, those have not been as severe as before I took it. Also, we’ve had a lot of fluctuating weather, cold fronts moving through, that normally would send my pain through the roof. I’ve had pain, yes, and flares, but the pain part of them hasn’t been as bad as when I wasn’t on it, and neither has the fatigue or the brain fog.

I do notice if I go a day or two without taking it. My fatigue will get worse and my pain gets worse.

It is a liquid you take with an eyedropper (included). It can be mixed in water.

Ingredients list from the website:

  • Bryonia (6C) is used homeopathically for slow-starting ailments accompanied by pain on the slightest movement and suited to those who may feel tired, listless and languid. Bryonia is also effective in addressing inflammation in the lining of the joints, chest and abdomen.
  • Calcarea carbonica (6C) is a source of calcium, one of the most abundant natural elements in the human body. Used homeopathically, this remedy is commonly used for conditions that are accompanied by symptoms of exhaustion, joint and bone pain (usually felt as a dull ache).
  • Ranunculus bulbosus (6C) is suited for muscular pains at the margins of the shoulder blades, often burning in small spots. Also addresses sharp, shooting, neuralgic, myalgic or rheumatic pains in the body.
  • Rhus tox (6C) is a homeopathic remedy used to address musculoskeletal problems. People who need this remedy tend to be listless and can feel extremely drained at the end of the day.
  • Staphysagria (6C) is most often used for complaints involving the nerves, or the nervous system.

They also state it’s gluten free, vegetarian, and lactose free. The ingredients label on the bottle also lists purified water and grain alcohol (20% by volume) as inactive ingredients.

So far, it’s working well for me. Your mileage may vary, but I do notice enough of a positive difference when I take it that, for me in my situation, it’s worth it to continue taking it. If you’ve tried the product, please sound off in the comments below relating your experience with it. Thanks!

Product Link: FibroFree Complex by Native Remedies



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