Dang, you, Jack Frost! Fibro and winter activities.

Winter can provide special challenges for people with fibromyalgia or other chronic pain conditions. Especially this winter (&*^%$ stupid groundhog) when it seems it just. Won’t. Stop.

I know people say, “Oh, Tymber, you’re in Florida. What do YOU know about winter?”

I know it f*cking sucks. Wild temperature fluctuations are a massive flare and pain trigger for me. And we’ve had a metric ass-ton (is TOO a measurement!) of weather fronts come through. The other day, I was in shorts and it was in the upper 70’s. Then, the next day, it was rainy and cold and in the low 60’s.

Um, yeah.

For people stuck in northern, icy, snowy climes–I have no clue how you frakking do it, for starters. I know I couldn’t. I’m a native Floridian. I’ve only seen “real” snow once, in Yellowstone, on Memorial Day weekend, and it was already on the ground. I’ve never been through more than two flurries here in my state.

I couldn’t do it.

I bought a hand warmer I found at a store, I think it was Target, it’s like a miniature heating pad. I can keep it in my lap and tuck my hands into the pocket on it, and that helps. I have an extra-large heating pad. I have an electric blanket. I have a Hello Kitty Snuggie (don’t judge!). I have My Little Pony and Soft Kitty onesie PJs. (Again, don’t judge!)

Don't blame me. I try to make you walk me.

Don’t blame me. I try to make you walk me.

I know that for me, sometimes going to the gym and soaking in their hot tub and steam sauna isn’t an option. Sometimes, it’s a hot shower or soak in a tub of hot water. Gentle exercises, like stretching, walking the mall or store with Hubby (if I feel up to it, and it’s not too crowded/stressful), skeet shooting, things like that all help me. And, of course, walking my two dogs.

Overdoing physical exertion is one of the worst things I can do to myself.

Others have told me they use yoga or tai chi, or other low-impact exercises to stay active. Another friend said they use small hand weights and do that while sitting in front of the TV. Others have used things like the Wii Fit system.

I’ve found a few articles that might be helpful to others in dealing with the cold weather and chronic pain. Please feel free to comment on coping techniques you use in the winter to stay active or combat cold while dealing with fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions.



  1. Great article, thanks for the many tips, I’ll check out the other articles. I live in Michigan and this winter has been unusual to say the least. I can’t remember ever having such a long spell of arctic cold and snow almost every day. But hey, spring really truly is just around the corner. But it truly has been a tough one for everybody this year.

  2. First of all, thanks for the link to our post and page! You should totally come visit MN! It was a consistent below zero frozen wasteland for a couple months. 🙂 If you ever decide to leave Florida and visit, I would recommend doing so in the summer months. Just to be safe. 🙂
    I love the idea of the small hand weights while watching TV and the Wii! I have a Wii with some sort of fitness game but haven’t pulled it out since my son tossed it aside for his bigger and better PS3. Yes. It was that long ago. I’m going to try it out this weekend and see if it still works!
    Keep up the great work on your blog!

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