Stick It To Fibro Signs Campaign

So, one universally accepted emotion among all Fibromyalgia, and chronic illness patients for that matter is that our illnesses suck, they bite big time, they’re awful, we hate them, etc. So, we are implementing a brand new awareness campaign! It’s called the “Stick It To Fibro” signs campaign! So, I’ll explain a little bit more about the idea behind the campaign below.

Levity and laughter is a vital piece of personal wellness. While laughter in and of itself will not cure any of our illnesses, it certainly does make them a little more tolerable on our good days. So let’s take advantage of that! The Stick It To Fibro Sign Campaign is all about telling Fibromyalgia how we’re defeating it! For example; you could create a sign that says “I’m Gonna Beat You Fibro!” or perhaps “F**K You Fibro, I do what I want!” Whatever you can think of, put it on a sign, snap a photo of yourself and send it to us using the link provided below!

Maybe you don’t feel like making a sign, that’s okay too! Perhaps you enjoy crafting, exercising, running, singing, whatever your hobby is! Have someone snap a photo of you while you’re doing it! Share it with us along with a snippet of why your hobby helps you stick it to Fibro! Each photo will be shared on our Facebook page, as well as the main Fibro Fighterz website!

We want to see your signs, we want to hear how you stick it to Fibro! Click the link below to submit your signs!



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