Surveys for people living with chronic pain and their partners

Hi folks,

I am a new contributor to FighterZine who interested in learning more and writing about the challenges that chronic pain poses in intimate relationships. To start the process, I’ve created two short anonymous surveys.

The first is for people living with chronic pain:

The second is for people who are in an intimate relationship with someone who deals with chronic pain (lover, co-parent, roommate, best friend, spouse, etc.):

If one these labels applies to you, please take some time to fill out the survey, and pass it on. You can respond with as much or as little text as you see fit.


Anna a.k.a. Brain Storm



  1. Thank you very much for this. My husband and I have a very good relationship, but it still has suffered. And we are going to therapy to make sure that nothing does ever happen. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for our children. With a lot of communication my son is doing great. My daughter thinks she’s doing good but she is not and it makes me sad. I will take it and I will make sure my husband takes it. He will be happy to. I have a feeling that my son and daughter-in-law want to take it
    and probably others. Maybe even my daughter. May I ask you a favor, and could you make sure I receive your results? I have done some of my own Research and it has been very interesting and I would really like to compare it with what I have. Although I wish I would have done what you did and tried to get the spouse to answer questions. And I’m wondering if you know when this might be finished. Sounds like I’m rushing you doesn’t it .? ha ha. I am putting together many things and slowly I’m having my ex doctor read it. I have decided not to sue him for coming close (days) before death because he ignored what I had to say. In return he must be educated in ways that I feel he has a deficit. This would be something fabulous for him to see. But I can give it to them later it doesn’t matter. Thank you again.

    1. Not sure when I’ll be done the article (I happily have LOTS of responses to the survey to contemplate), but I’ll post it here when it’s ready. I also think it’s a really important issue that often gets glossed over. Thanks for your interest!

  2. My husdand and i both have fibro, this is a big issue in relationships. I am glad to see someone tacklng it. Most people are afraid. I have had many conversations with fibro suffeters about intimate relations

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