I CAN TOO DO IT!!! Watch me!

I CAN TOO DO IT!!! Watch me

Originally posted Nov. 18th, 2012

During a conversation with my Daughter the other day, we started out talking about shopping. She said she would rather go to the Mall with me but that she knew I couldn’t do that. I asked her “who said I can’t”. She said that it would hurt me too much to go. I agreed, but said that it was my decision not hers.

She saiwater waved like going to the Dells. Well, I went to the Dells with them and even tried the surfing. Did it hurt afterwards? HECK YA!, but it was my choice.

I even reminded her we went to Florida last February. I didn’t let Fibro or it’s evil sidekicks stop me. It slowed me down – yes. But no one missed out on any of the fun.

It is bad enough that there are days that I have to turn people down on invites, leave a party early, or excuse myself from family visitors to go to bed on time.

I have accepted these things. But, I have also seen how my family has changed as to what we can do or more accurately what I can do in an outing.

This should be something that makes me happy ~ right? Having others worry about me?

Especially, since I have so many Fibromite friends that are still struggling to get Family and Friends to understand the pain, exhaustion and frustration of having Fibromyalgia.

Every day I still see posts asking how to explain it to others, how to make others “see” the invisible “syndrome” and understand they are not “lazy” ~ they are in pain.

I KNOW I should be happy that I have such caring family and friends ~

that they understand (most of the time).

Yet, Here I am whining over the fact that they want me to take it easy, not over do it.

Some it I am sure is because I am (okay – I will admit it) Stubborn – “not letting anyone tell me what I can or can’t do”. That has been my thinking forever but before Fibro not always my actions.

But here I am telling the World (or at least the few of you reading this), that NO WAY am I going to allow others to decide what I can or can’t do because of my Health.

I do not have a fatal condition. I have an awful “syndrome” and 9 of it’s evil sidekicks that myself and others around me have to live with the rest of my life.i can will do it

Even with that said.. My most repeated saying that I tell people is that


I AM IN CONTROL ~ Fibro might win a few rounds now and again but this is my Life and I plan on Living it.

I am a Fibromyalgia Warrior ~ Living Life




  1. I agree with your perspective on liVing with fibro. Our lives and those we LOVE change drastically once diagnosed. Things we used to do things that were so easy before now at times are nearly impossible. Fibro gets me down but thank God I keep getting right back up! I love to work in my flower beds and even though the pain is intense I still get out there daily and take care of my plants. The same with my housework and caring for my family. Fibro has taken a lot from me from my life but it won’t steal my joy my love of life or my determination. I believe that fibro is indeed an auto immune disease. With recent findings in the medical field that have led to blood tests and markers on our white blood cells I think that better medications and treatments our on the horizon. God bless you.

  2. I loved reading this as there are indeed things in life I am so happy and willing to do, knowing full well that I am going to suffer for it later. I am one of those all or nothing people and it has not been an asset as a fibro warrior but I keep fighting. On a bad day I remind myself I deserve to curl up with a heating pad and a book because I fought this syndrome to spend time playing with my grand kids or going to a concert with my daughter and dancing to the music.

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