Just plain tired

tired womanOriginally posted on November 11th, 2012

It will be to no one’s surprise when I declare…

I am tired of being tired, tired of not enough time to get things done, tired of no energy, and tired of the long list of to do’s not getting done. I learned a few years back that to do lists are the best way for things to be done. It is a necessity now as a Fibromite. I have to do lists upon to do lists. That doesn’t mean they get done but they are a constant reminder of what is still waiting.

I still work out of the home ~ more hours than my body/mind really care to work and have a 7th grader whose social calendar is constantly busy.

I used to look forward to Friday’s – now by Friday I am so tired that all I can do is hope the end of the work day arrives as quick as possible.

It should also be of no surprise to you that if you are a working parent, you know that your weekend is not a time of rest. You are either running your kids from one event to the next or trying to catch up on the honey do chores that never happened during the week.

My housekeeping suffers due to my exhaustion. My home is picked up. I just no longer have a day during the week when I can say my house is completely clean.

This weekend was no different from any others. Saturday was full of running errands outside the home ~ Sunday housecleaning.

This Saturday morning, I woke up in time to go swimming, have a cup of coffee with my GF, run to the Verizon store to activate the replacement for my daughter’s second lost phone, pick up my family at home, turn around drive 45 minutes. After working almost 2 hours, and going grocery shopping I made it home it was 4 p.m. Time to sort my weekly medicine, reply to a few emails, dinner, and early to bed.

I want to sit and do absolutely nothing. Of course my body doesn’t like that either. Sit too long – you hurt. Stand too long – you hurt. You get the idea.

If I don’t make myself work on the to do list; the rest of the family would ignore the list as well.

I took a lot of rest breaks in between and managed to get almost everything on the to do list done; Almost.

Today’s do list (I failed to say – only the upstairs of the house – I didn’t do any cleaning downstairs).

 Pick up everything that lies around & bring it where it belongs  Sweep all the floors  Make all the beds
 Wash dishes  Wipe down counters in kitchen/bathroom  Take out trash  Make dinner
 Update weekly to do list  Vacuum carpets
 Clean stove top  Clean Microwave  Clean Refrigerator
 Laundry  Clean the toilets, sinks and bathtubs
 Light dusting  Homework
 Bills  Online Christmas shopping  Bath-time  Blog -entry

Once back at the office, everyone will ask how was your weekend? did you do anything fun? did you get caught up on your sleep?

I realize that most of my friends will say the same about their own weekends. Busy running errands, getting things done, tired and achy from doing housework.

How does one explain to a non-fibromite – that sat around, napped, etc and still are not rested. Exercising does help for a quick fix but then the endorphins wear off and it is back to being a walking zombie. Non-Fibromites can’t really understand extent of our fatigue. People with fibromyalgia experience such an intense form of fatigue.

It never seems to improve, even with extended periods of rest and sleep.

I am staring at the clock ~ realizing it is approaching dinner hour (haven’t a clue), bath, bed and ready to start the week all over again.

warrior                                                                                 I am a Fibro~Warrior Living Life!


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