Running for Fibro – The Great South Run 2013

Andy Williams - Great South RunHi guys,

I hope you will all forgive a post that is largely promoting a fundraising campaign instead of an article.

On the 27th October, I will be running in The Great South Run here in the UK. It is a 10 mile run and I will be running for The Fibromyalgia Association.

Let me give you some details;

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia around 18 months ago now. To begin with the symptoms were bearable but unusual and painful. They have since progressed into chronic pain constantly, the latest evolution has been losing the use of my left arm in the evenings.

In January I wrote a post on here about how I have strive to keep on running and how remaining active as much as possible.

Since then running has become harder and harder. I have pulled out of race after race having been unable to train let alone run. This has been depressing in itself. I have never been great at being injured, so having the Fibro stop me has been frustrating waiting for the next event in the hope I would be able to take part.

And so we home in on the next event I have entered. The Great South Run. This is a 10 mile run in the UK.
This has traditionally been one of my favourite runs and so I am hell bent on not pulling out. In order to be ready I have no option but to train. So far it has hurt, hurt to high heaven, Every step is a challenge but one I just have to take on.

The worse I get the more I have to push through this.

As a result it made perfect sense that if I am going to put myself through it then I need to do this for all Fibro sufferers.

So I am. I am running for The Fibromyalgia Association.

And so I am asking for your help. Every Penny or Cent will help. Please help me to help.
My fundraising page is here:

I know that whatever I raise won’t make much of a dent but if it can in any way help in the diagnosis, treatment or research of this curse that we have all been graced with then it will give this run even more meaning than the personal battle.

I am going to run it and I am going to finish it. We will beat this.
Love to you all.

Great South Run 2013


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