Helpful Sites For Fighterz 2.0


You will probably remember the last blog post we did on helpful websites for Fibro Fighterz. We showcased some really great websites like BetterDoctor, HealthTap, Simplee and more! As Fibro Fighterz and chronic illness fighters, we need all the help we can get, and there are actually some wonderful websites out there to help us manage our health, finances and so much more!

We’ve been building another list over the course of the past few months, and we wanted to share our awesome findings with you! We’ve compiled the websites into a list form, a description, followed by a link to the website! Feel free to browse around them and get comfortable! You may even find your new favorite website!


I’ve yet to find a decent website to be able to keep track of my health and connecting with others who have been through the same thing. I mean, I do love HealthTap, but that just doesn’t cut it for me when it comes to tracking everything that goes on with my day to day health and being able to speak to others in the same situation. Enter the Meddik website. This website is almost like Facebook for tracking your health. Sounds pretty neat in theory, right?! It’s even better looking at it! When you sign up, you are given a health timeline. You fill in your information, conditions, medications, treatments and all that other fun stuff that we go through! Anything relevant to your health, even keep track of your appointments! You are even able to tap into the collective community knowledge to talk about your experiences and ask questions! But don’t take my word for it, go check it out for yourself right here!


The thing about healthcare, well, it costs money. One of my least favorite things to go over, I am terrible at math, and I cannot track spending for my life. My husband often gets upset with me about that, but that is how it is with me. Luckily, there is a website now that can help us track our healthcare expenses in an easy and streamlined way. CakeHealth (I love the name!) is a website where you can track every single medical bill that you get, it will analyze them and give you an easy to read overview of it all, too! Let me tell you, I am so happy I came across this website, this is going to help me in so many ways! If you want to take a look at CakeHealth, you can do so by clicking here!


Honestly, if there is one thing that has helped me cope with the chronic illnesses that I am affected with, it is without a doubt the fact that I am able to network with others who are affected by similar situations. I can’t begin to tell you how many times being able to talk to someone who understands my situation has pulled me out of the dark depths that can sometimes accompany life with a chronic illness. I am always on the lookout for new communities. PatientsLikeMe has actually been around for awhile, but I just only recently discovered it! I must say, I am terribly excited to get to know the people on there! The fun thing about this community is that when you input your health information and earn three “stars,” they will send you a free PatientsLikeMe tee-shirt! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love free stuff! So that’s an automatic plus in my book!  I do love their motto, too. “Making healthcare better for everyone through sharing, support and research!” If you’d like to visit PatientsLikeMe, you can do so by clicking right here!


This is a problem I have come across so many times: when we want to find information on a condition, illness or ailment that affects us or another person, and we search for that information online, we are simply inundated with information from here, there and everywhere. I don’t know how many times that I have searched for information about a condition, and nine times out of ten, I tend to convince myself that I am dying. The internet is pretty good for convincing one of that fact. But anyway! Medify remedies this problem! Here is a snippet from the Medify website to better explain how their system works; “Unlike other health sites that require you to read search results in dense lists or articles, Medify displays your results in interactive graphics to help you better understand how things compare.” Their websites boasts about housing the information from over 1.5 million research studies written by over 2.5 million medical researchers, about over 100 million patients! I’m just throwing that out there, that is a lot of millions. Medify is comprehensive medical information when and where  you need it! Check it out here!


Probably my favorite website on this list, WellSphere is a veritable haven of health information with a splash of personality. Aside from the fact that their website is super easy to use with their streamlined navigation system, their website offers a fun and interactive way of staying on top of your healthcare and wellness goals. Wellpoints are rewarded when you do simple tasks around their website, and when you’ve accumulated enough points, you are then able to choose a Wellprize! These range from magazine subscriptions, to electronics, to jewelry and so much more! It makes staying on top of your healthcare goals fun! Another thing that I do have to say about Wellsphere is that I love their personalized front pages when you log in.  It keeps track of how far you are on your goals, it allows you to read blogs that you’ve subscribed to on their site right on the home page, your forum discussions, and so much more! Check out WellSphere right here!


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