How To Make Ends Meet When You’re Disabled

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This is something that I often get asked a lot about, especially by people who lack the understanding of what Fibromyalgia really is. “Well, why can’t you go out and work?” “How in the world do you make ends meet?” Those are the kinds of questions I get. I have to say, they do often rub me the wrong way. It’s generally none of anybody else’s business how I support my family or how I make ends meet. The people who are often ignorant and ask these questions I do not dignify with an answer. But for you guys, I do want to share how I am able to make some money while staying at home with my family.

Making a living these days is rather tough, and although I don’t make a lot of money, every little bit counts. With a three year old and a house to pay rent on, we take every penny that we can get. I do this in a variety of different ways.

Freelancing Websites

These types of websites are where I ultimately realized my dream of wanting to become a full-time writer. But you don’t have to be a writer to find a job on these websites. You can do just about anything. If you have skills with e-mail marketing, you can make money doing that. If you are a great coder, you can freelance doing that! The sky is the limit here. It’s all a matter of sitting down and figuring out what you like to do, and what your skills are, and then taking it from there! Below are a few of the more common freelancing websites out there.


oDesk is ultimately my favorite freelancing website out there. It is free to join, and the fees for the website are generally taken from the person hiring you, rather than you yourself. It is insanely easy to track your time with their “Team Room” application that runs right on your desktop. I work 4 part time jobs using oDesk, and I haven’t had a bad experience with it yet. I highly recommend this website, especially if you are just beginning in your work-at-home ventures.


This website gets a little more technical when it comes to jobs. You also only get around 10-15  “credits” each month to apply to jobs. If you want more, they ask that you subscribe to a monthly plan where you would get around 50 instead. I had used this site in the beginning, but ultimately left because I felt that I wasn’t able to get as much as I could out of it. Everyone is different, though! You can definitely give it a try, feel it out and see if you like it! They also feature an application that is downloadable to track your hourly time while you are working.

Opening Your Own Online Store

If you are a crafter, than it is wonderfully easy and actually a lot of fun to open up your own online boutique to sell your awesome creations! There are a plethora of websites out there that you can use, such as Etsy and Artfire, but my absolute favorite one to use is Storenvy. It is 100% free to open up your own online store, and the interface is so easy to use. I’ve used it so many times, and I even helped my grandmother set up her own online boutique for her crocheted creations! If  you are a crafter and interested in selling your creations, definitely think about opening up your own store!

Making Money Back On Groceries

This is something I absolutely love! I fell in love with this app a little bit ago. It is called Ibotta, and with their application for your smartphone, you can make money back on your groceries, which is deposited right into your PayPal account! It’s simply a matter of performing “tasks” like learning a fact about a company’s product, or taking a poll, and you earn .25 and upwards! Buying groceries is something that we all do, so why not get paid for it!? If you’re interested in trying it out, you can snag their app RIGHT HERE.


This is just a fun added bonus. If you have a smartphone device, then you can snag this awesome application. This one pays you simply for looking at ads on your lock screen. You don’t even have to interact with the ads, just simply unlock your homescreen, and you make a cent or two each time. We all unlock our phones, so we can get paid for it. I’ve actually tried it, and I love it so far! Give it a try if you want right here! 


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