Mission Possible

Yippee, YooHoo, YAY 🙂 wondering why I am so happy? Well, after 4 whole months, I was able to tie a saree today, YUP a seemingly simple task w/o my arms hurting and w/o feeling like I am actually lifting 100 lbs.

A while back, around June 2013, I had freaked out about repeatedly not being able to do simple tasks, tasks that I had taken for granted like tying a saree, preparing a couple of dishes w/o forgetting the ingredients/or even what I was doing. My  Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT) had suggested that I write reasonable and achievable short term goals (>=6 months) and realistic long term goals and break them up into small(er) steps so that I can take a stab at it – One Task….At A Time.

My short term goals went something along these lines (status in italics):

  • Work on improving resistance in my back and legs – working to follow a walking routine twice daily
  • Write a blog post every week – almost able to do it except when i was down with fever
  • Bake 1 dish every week – same as above except during when I was down with fever
chocolate muffins
mango muffins
mango muffins
  • Cook an entire meal w/o feeling overwhelmed/confused/disoriented and increase the frequency – same as above, had a few snafu’s but with good outcomes (will post my absent-minded cake recipe soon)
  • Tie saree w/o hurting – did it today
Yippee…..it did not hurt while tying a saree 🙂
  • Sign up for Tai-Chi or yoga class – on hold as i need to find a teacher who has experience working with folks in pain
  • Revise/Prep for PMP exam – exam on October 30, 2013 –  WIP
  • Stop Madhavi, my cook by end of September/mid october 2013 – DONE, first thing i did was to stop her as soon as I quit work 🙂
  • Start driving again –  on hold

Yes, there are ok days, not-so-ok days and absolutely crappy days but now, by taking each day as it comes, I am building up my resistance slowly and hopefully steadily. Most importantly, I am able to exercise self-compassion even when i am on the brink on going into a blame spiral – i deliberately pause and remember to BE HERE, BE HERE RIGHT NOW, be thankful for my blessings and be hopeful, however tough the going is.

Did I tie my saree perfectly today? No, not at all but I have been wearing a saree long enough and i know a couple of tricks 🙂 but did I feel good, did i feel like I was kicking Fibro in its rear – YOU BET!!

I now celebrate my small victories and look defeat in its face by regrouping and trying again and again and again.

Here’s to small victories!

Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more ~ Louis L’Amour 

Featured image from http://wanentrepreneur.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Goals1.jpg


  1. Congrats! I wish I could get to where you are. I have other problems going on too- 7 herniated discs in my lower lumbar, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, and migraines. Plus, my Lyrica script ran out two weeks ago and I am having the pharmacy contact my rheumatologist to get it refilled and if they do it, I should have it by the end of the week. They get weird about it because it is a controlled substance and they like me to come to the office and get the script but they are two hours away and I have no vehicle and my mother who usually takes me is out of state on vacation and I don’t have an appointment until December with them again and they get uppity about it. I am having AILF sugery 03 September which is why my next appointment is so far out. I am not doing well these past few days. I am quite tired, not sleeping much at all, maybe four to five hours a day, allergies bothering me, my pain is 9…
    Anyways, it is inspiring to hear of your progress. I love your saree. I have always loved them and wanted one but have never found any place to purchase one.
    I need to return to my blog. It has been well over a month now since I have last posted and even have written anything…I guess I just haven’t really found anything to write about since I don’t really go anywhere. I am just in too much pain to leave the house anymore. I do manage to find great photo opportunities when I am able to leave though…I guess you could said I am a hobby photographer 🙂
    btw I love your blog and look forward to reading each post as it comes out. You are a great inspiration to me as I know no one else around here who is afflicated with fibro…my mom has RA but that is kinda different so…
    Have a lovely Tuesday morning, dear. May it a wonderful and blessed day!

  2. Thanks Serenity and best wishes with your surgery. I have other issues as well – herniated discs, migraines, plantar fasciitis but pain has become a constant in my life so hv to learn to live with it:) Ups and downs (more downs than ups) have been the norm and there are days when it gets too difficult to maintain a positive/upbeat outlook but taking it each day

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