Dr.OZ on Fibromyalgia

I have never watched the Dr.OZ show but I saw a lot of posts on Facebook about a Dr.OZ show on Fibromyalgia on July 23, 2013 and had to see what it was all about.

As we all know Fibromyalgia is a complex, chronic condition, which causes wide-spread pain and fatigue not to mention a whole gamut of symptoms like stiffness, headaches, numbness, tingling, arrhythmia, cognitive disorders, numbness, tingling, dizziness, balance issues, sensitivity to light, noise, odors and weather. It literally is a “pain in everywhere.”

Literally a pain everywhere (screenshot captured from http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/disease-your-doctor-may-miss-fibromyalgia-pt-3)

Literally a pain everywhere (screenshot captured from http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/disease-your-doctor-may-miss-fibromyalgia-pt-3)

What did this Dr.OZ show mean to me? Well first, the very fact that it is being televised nationally meant that it is no longer a “It’s in your head” disease. Second, it meant that doctors have finally accepted that it is a difficult condition, one that severely impacts the quality of life of a person. And finally, it meant that a lot more people became aware of this condition. Studies on FM being an autoimmune condition and FM awareness posters can only have a certain reach and TV certainly has a wider audience.

A new type of treatment called Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), performed by osteopathic physicians was also mentioned as providing relief to painful muscle spasms. I am definitely going to do more research on this.

It is a four part video. Here are the video links:

Here’s to more awareness and hopefully a cure!

As with many life-altering events, an autoimmune illness is almost guaranteed to cause you to re-evaluate your priorities ~ Joan FriedlanderWomen, Work, and Autoimmune Disease



  1. I and many others am very pleased to have seen the segment of fibro on Dr Oz. So happy to see that it is actually starting to get noticed as a real to illness and not something that we are making up in our heads I truly hope within the next few years we will have more details on to help learn to cope with this awful illness.

  2. I went to see a new neuro Monday and what is sad is he explained that he does believe some small percentage of cases are FM but he believes the majority is psychiatric. He didn’t disclose he thoughts on my case because I was there for a different reason and he didn’t have my full history on my case but it still mDe me want to slam my head against the wall for yet one more dr telling me that this disease is a psychiatric issue. I was diagnosed by my family doc, who is a DO,& by my rheumy.

    1. I know docs come in with their preconceived notions but saying that majority of the people with FM are actually having some psychiatric issues is actually sad, not to mention a lawsuit waiting to happen. No one is going to imagine being in pain. In fact, when we have a flare-up, we imagine that we are well and try to move on rather than obsess over the pain. And I know it goes without saying, this doc is not the one for you…..RUN for the hills, I say

  3. I have tried OMT for months. It provided me no relief. 😦 the doc was basically stretching different areas and holding it for a period of time. Was awkward.
    Hopefully it can provide some FM patients more than it did for myself.

  4. I watched the Dr.Oz show I am glad he had brought Fibromyalgia to light. The only problem I had was he or his experts didn’t mention how they diagnose this disease. No trigger points were mentioned at all. I have every one of them. I have had this for 29 years and to shut me up the Dr. I was seeing at that time gave me Darvocet which was like giving me a M&M and so I went back to school to be a Certified Medical Assistant. I had to do my last test residency at a local hospital. A Dr there was looking for someone to start a new practice from the ground up he got to skip 2 years in High School and also a lot in Med school I was even older than he was. My boss at the hospital recommended me, I gave him my resume and I called him every other day. I think he got tired of hearing from me as he hired me.Also being second in my class didn’t hurt either. He DX me and he sent me to a Rheumatologist who concluded yes I had it plus I have Myofascial Pain Syndrome. My mother was DX next she has passed away now, my son has it and my 16 year old grandson has it so it does run in families.I now see a DO DR that will not touch my back as it is really bad so no adjustments. From my neck to the the upper part of my scapula to my shoulder it is so swollen it is a huge muscle spasm that I really can’t turn my head to the left. My Dr. won’t touch my back as I have Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis. He said he could break a bone.I have 3 sleep disorders so I sleep a lot. I think Dr. Oz should have a show dedicated to just Fibromyalgia and how they DX it. I take Oxycontin 1 every 12 hours, Norco every 4 or 6 hours, and Lyrica 2 times a day and it helps but not good enough we need a CURE! More research Please. I am disabled now from a host of thing including Fibro.

    1. Barbara,

      You have my sincerest sympathy. I have had Fibromyalgia for the past 32 years. First I was diagnosed as “spoilt”, then “escapist/lazy”, “imaginary”, “fibrositis” then fibromyalgia. I am unable to take pain meds as the side effects cause additional problems. Have VERY little sleep, doesn’t matter the chronic fatigue, severe back, neck, knee and right hand pain from osteoarthritis and the rest of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

      You are brilliant to take all the time and effort to achieve what you have – more kudos to you!!

      Remember Dr. Oz ridiculed a lady who had become addicted to pain killers because of her chronic pain due to Fibromyalgia, and unbelievably Dr. Oz, who I have the highest regard for, rolled his eyes and made the comment “whatever THAT is”. I was furious enough to write and tell him to do research before rejecting a patients symptoms and embarrassing her on t.v.

  5. I was glad for the great PR that this episode of Dr. Oz gave to fibromyalgia. I was disappointed that he only discussed this disease for 25 minutes of the program and spent 35 minutes on an new “anti-aging secret.” I thought his coverage of fibromyalgia was very superficial and he should’ve spent the whole hour on it.

    And to clarify, Osteopathic Manipulation is NOT a new therapy. Osteopaths have probably been better at treating fibromyalgia for YEARS now. They are trained to diagnosis and treat with their hands and also what they can see as structurally wrong with a patient. I know a lot of us get our neck and back pulled out of alignment by sore/angry muscles. I’ve been working with m osteopath for over 8 years now. She was treating my symptoms long before I had the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. She is vital for me to maintain the level of health I have now. I see her once a month and she shifts my neck, back, hips, jaw, and anything else back into alignment. I would have had to stop working full time long before last year if not for her. I highly recommend osteopathic treatment to anyone suffering from fibromyalgia. Acupuncture and a skilled massage therapist also help me tremendously. I see a cranial massage therapist who is trained more in a osteopathic manner than in the kind of relaxation massages in a spa that you traditionally think of.

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