The Pill Holder

So as someone who lives with a chronic illness on a daily basis, I’ve had to learn how to adapt and adjust from that “old life” of not having those illnesses. But hey, it isn’t all bad, I’ve learned that. Anyway, one of those changes is that I have to carry pills with me, everywhere I go. It’s just something that has to be done. But as of lately, the options have been pretty limited, with those clunky plastic weekly pill holders. Honestly, who is going to put one of those in their bags? They’re big, and frankly, unsightly to look at. We should at least have something that can hold our medicines instyle. Just because we’re ill, doesn’t mean we can’t be fabulous, right?!

Right. Enter this completely functional and totally stylish product: The Pill Holder. You can see a photo of this beautiful medication holder below.


The Pill Holder was created by Christine Boerner. Christine lives with a condition called Myasthenia Gravis, which causes her muscles to get tired and weak quickly, so it is necessary for her to have her medications with her at all times, much like it is for many patients living with chronic illness. The Pill Holder was born out of need for a simple and streamlined product that could go with Christine wherever she went. That was when  the idea for The Pill Holder was conceived.

This awesome holder fits right on your keychain, going with you on all of your travels! I personally love this idea, and I will be purchasing one very soon, and getting rid of those old plastic pill chambers.


 If you’re ready to grab a Pill Holder of your own, follow the link below!
With every purchase of The Pill Holder, 5% is donated to autoimmune disease research!

Streamlined, stylish, and simple.

You can purchase The Pill Holder at the link below. You’ll also find a button here on the FighterZine blog that will bring you to their website!

Purchase Your Pill Holder Here!


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