Maya’s Hope: An Organization Driven by LOVE

There is a cause that is very close to my heart, I’ve recently discovered it, and I wanted to share it with everyone!

Maya’s Hope is a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to help children living in extreme need. We help with basic necessities such as nutrition, medical care and education. We also strive to give hope and love to each child, to nurture a strong emotional foundation for their future. In developing countries, more than 50% of the 10 million deaths each year in children younger than five years are related to malnutrition.While $1 can’t buy anything where we live anymore, it can be the difference between life or death for an impoverished child.

What makes us different than other organizations? Nearly 100% of your contributions go directly to the child. There are few administrative costs other than mailings, since Maya’s Hope is composed of volunteers.

With the financial help of sponsorship, these children would be able to have three full meals a day, access to medical care, books and other basic necessities.

For $1 a day, you can change the life of a child and give hope for a brighter future. Through Maya’s Hope, you can be certain that your contributions help our children live better lives.

BUT…They are having an AWESOME KARAOKE EVENT on July 22! I’m trying to spread the word about this great event, would you help by re-blogging this wherever you can? I will be your bestest friend! And you will be helping a child in need.

Please check out their Karaoke event HERE!

Spread the word around! We want to get the word out about this event EVERYWHERE! Thank you so much!


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