Our 2013 Tee Shirt Is Here!

Hey guys! I wanted to share something with you all that I’ve been planning for a while now. One of my dreams for FFz is finally coming to fruition, and I am SO excited! Each year, I would like to kick off a fundraising campaign to help other organizations devoted to helping those with chronic illnesses. This year I am proud to announce that the very first organization we will be raising money for is The Chronically Awesome Foundation!

What Is The Chronically Awesome Foundation?
“The Chronically Awesome Foundation’s mission is to cultivate and support the Chronically Awesome Community through a number of artistic programs including but not limited to blogging, photography, painting, and crafting; as well as to provide support programs both in group and peer-to-peer settings. The Chronically Awesome Foundation strives to educate the public, and raise awareness about the needs of the Chronically Awesome, and to advocate for resources to help fight conditions they represent. The positive message of The Chronically Awesome Foundation has and continues to inspire thousands of people around the world who choose to mentally separate themselves from their illness and begin healing in a way they never thought possible.
That is why, at the end of each day, more and more people are proud to make a longer and longer list of accomplishments starting with “Today I was Chronically Awesome because I…”.
Here’s the best part, OUR CAMPAIGN IS NOW LIVE!
Our t-shirt campaign is now live! You may purchase your shirt by clicking the link at the end of this post to buy yours!
Our tee is a Gildan Ultra Cotton Tee Shirt in gray, to appeal to both genders. It features our limited edition Fibro Fighterz “Fight The Good Fight” graphic, and ranges from sizes YXS to 4XL!
Because of the nature of this event being a “campaign,” it will run from July 10 to August 12, 2013. The tees will be printed AFTER the close of our campaign on August 12th, and will ship approximately two weeks after the close of campaign. You should expect to receive your tee shirt around the end of August or the beginning of September.

Click Here To Purchase Your Tee Shirt Now!



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