FFBA: Morgan of “Fibro Flares”

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you know that each and every week, we share a favorite blog of ours. One that is inspiring, positive, real, truthful, down to earth and so much more. This week, we are featuring the lovely Morgan of Fibro Flares! I got in contact with Morgan, and she shared a little bit about herself and why she blogs! Check it out below!

“The first thing you should know about me is that I was born in raised in a small town in New Hampshire and there is no place on earth I’d rather be. I graduated from Syracuse University in 2011, with a degree in Art Photography, and quickly moved to Long Island with my boyfriend of 5 years. I’m 24  and the last two years of my life have been crazy. I work 6 days a week at a high end wedding photography studio on the North Shore of the island, where every day is an entirely new adventure. Somehow I manage it all while suffering from a chronic pain disorder. Although I haven’t been ‘officially’ diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it seems as if all signs point in that direction.”

Check out the Fibro Flares Blog here!


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