Do all fibromyalgia sufferers deserve the SAME support? YES!


By: Haullie Volker

A fibromyalgia survivor doesn’t fit into a particular category. They aren’t a “she” or a “he”. They’re both. We come in different sizes big and small and we still matter, we’re no less important because of shape or height. Or the sound of our voice, or how much or how little we speak. We’re no less important even in times of fibro fog. We’re no less important because of how severe our pain is compared to someone else’s pain either. We’re so different and that is what makes us so important, unique and valid in this world. We even have different sets of beliefs systems, some of us believe in the Universe, some of us believe in God, some of us are Atheist or Buddhist…and you know what? We still all deserve and need the same kind of love, understanding and support.


Some of us come from other countries. Countries that don’t even recognize fibromyalgia as a real syndrome; but are you still welcome here? Absolutely! You matter regardless of what is unofficially recognized or recognized. Some of us aren’t perfect either. Maybe some people are suffering through grief, struggling with parenting through the pain, just lost their job, got divorced, are going through custody battles, enduring drug or alcohol addictions, financial crisis’ and need a little extra help and someone to talk to, someone who will listen and not judge. You still live with fibromyalgia, and you still have a story. That story is very important.


Maybe you’re someone who has fibromyalgia, but you also have cancer, lupus, MS, or any other overlapping condition. Our hats are off to you for how strong you are and how much you fight every day. Some people can’t take medications because their allergic so they have no choice but to find alternatives. We embrace you too. Some people choose herbal remedies and should never be judged…but instead should be thanked for their bravery to try new things.


Hold on to what keeps you strong. Never be sorry for that. And if there is something in your life that isn’t perfect so what? No one really is. Accept that human beings whether by choice or not by choice are never perfect, and that no matter what we don’t ask to be sick, but we do ask for the same universal support from each other. That we can only make small adjustments to the blueprints of our lives when we have the support to back us up 110%.


We need to keep the proverbial handshake that binds us together going because that will keep us together no matter what our story is, what we believe in, what race we are or country we are from or what gets us through the rough days because together hope grows and so do connections but only when we choose to dispel the negativity society places on us. We already know by example, by living through it how people should be to people because fibromyalgia has taught us the value of human life.


I can only imagine how many friendships have probably been made through the spirit of this page alone. Now multiply every fibromyalgia page, web site, forum and support group together and imagine those connections. You are a part of that greatness! Be proud dandelions. You’re spreading seeds of hope and your voices are the winds that carry that hope.


Thank you to everyone, for being you, for being your own unique self and for never being sorry for standing up for yourself. I think the world of each and every one of you. Freckles, dimples, grey hairs, cellulite, goofy laughs, accents, sentiments and ALL!!

Love & Support, Haullie Volker


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