Pain: My Best Teacher

If there is just one thing that I have learned throughout all these years of living with the pain and anguish of a chronic illness, it is that pain has inadvertently become one of my best teachers. I don’t mean that in a masochistic way, either. I’ll start when I was just a teenager.

When I was first diagnosed, I felt lost, misunderstood and depressed. As years went on, I had even come close to wanting to end it all, to give up entirely. Nothing good could have possibly come from a lifetime filled with pain and depression, could it have? Despite my trying as hard as I could, I couldn’t even attend high school or college, meaning I could never ever secure a job in the field that I wanted to. I certainly felt that my life was going in a constant downward spiral.

So, of course for awhile I was bound to be in a funk about this. It even landed me into the behavioral health unit in the hospital, as well as intensive therapy. This went on for a few years, in fact. It wasn’t until my fourth round of intensive therapy that my attitude about my pain and chronic illnesses changed completely. Sure, life had thrown me a curve-ball, but it was up to me what to do next. Did I let that ball knock me down, or do I get back up and throw that damn ball right back at it?!

I realized that even though I may not be able to do the things that I had once planned, it was up to me to create a life for myself, and that is exactly what I did. I chose to throw myself wholeheartedly into Fibro Fighterz, creating a website, launching awareness campaigns and anything else that I could do to help those living with Fibromyalgia and chronic illnesses in general.

I believe that we all have a special strength within us all. The kind that doesn’t arise until it’s absolutely time. While pain for me may also be my greatest enemy, I feel that it is also my greatest teacher. If it wasn’t for pain, I would have never learned what I had about myself. It inspired me to create beautiful things, and for that, I am grateful.

Don’t get me wrong, I still hate the pain that I experience with every fiber of my being. It’s an educational relationship though. I learn from it, grow from it, even. I know that each and every one of you are fighterz, and that you all have that strength deep down inside of you. Hold on to that, remember that when the pain is bad. You are a human being with a beautiful soul.

Even if you think you’re not doing much with your life (believe me, I’ve been there), know that you are making a difference in this world, I believe you are, and I believe in you.

I want you to remember one thing:




  1. This is a great article! Life itself is a continuous teaching and learning experience; yet those forced to live with chronic illnesses, impairments or disabilities are set upon a much different path. It is individuals such as the author of this article that provide hope for those of us who haven’t yet completely learned to live with our chronic illnesses. Thank you Jennifer C.

    “Did I let that ball knock me down, or do I get back up and throw that damn ball right back at it?!”
    Thank you again ♥

  2. I’m Sooo thankful for you!! Your words, advice, and everything in-between have helped me so much lately!! Fighting fibro, And Disc degenerative disease for. The past 18 years have been hell, But I’m Still Fighting!!

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