The Fierce Fabulous Fighter Award: Alisha Nurse of TheInvisibleF!


This is our very first post for our Fierce and Fabulous Fighter Award! This is an award for some of the best Fibromyalgia and chronic illness bloggers out there! Let’s give a super-warm welcome to our very first recipient: Alisha Nurse! Here’s a little bit about Alisha!

“Hi, my name is Alisha Nurse. I’m a twenty-something year old writer. I love parrots, singing, drawing, fantasy movies, games and books, and people who like fantasy movies, games and books. I live with fibromyalgia & clinical depression and anxiety, and for much of my life have suffered from debilitating symptoms. I want to raise awareness to help people understand but more so to share and engage with all those whose lives are touched by fibromyalgia and depression in one way or another, so they know they’re not alone.”

I bet you want to check out Alisha’s blog, right?!
Without further ado, I present to you….

The Invisible F

Do you want to contact Stacy? E-mail her at


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