A day in a Fibro fighter’s shoes.

Butterfly--Beauty-of-the-Butterfly[Image Source: Facebook]

Hello everyone! How are you all today?

This is my first post, I’ve got infinite things to say and after giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided to make this post about a day in the life of a person with fibromyalgia.

All fibro fighters can relate to this and the friends n family of someone with fibro can finally understand what their loved one is going through after this post, I hope.

Anyways, so has any one of you seen a butterfly? 🙂 Ofcourse, we all have. It’s so very pretty, colourful and vibrant. But it’s life has started out as a caterpillar in a pupa. It struggles to get out of the pupa, manages to make a hole big enough and finally emerges as the beautiful butterfly we all see.  A person with fibro starts their day as the larva in the pupa. They struggle, work hard, try to keep up the pace, trying to get out of the pupa that they are in. It is a very painful process! But as they try harder, harder and harder, they manage to come out of the pupa as the vibrant butterfly. And the day ends.

For every other normal person, life is that way. Everyone works, pushes and perseveres till they become a butterfly. But what happens in the life of a fibro fighter is that they wake up the next day to find themselves as a larva in the pupa all over again!!!

And how many of you have read stories of someone stranded in the ocean? Imagine waking up one day to find yourself in the middle of the ocean. You swim hard, you fight the waves, you manage to get through the rocks and finally swim to the shore. You are exuberant, you feel on top of the world and the day ends.

And imagine waking up the next day to find yourself in the middle of the ocean all over again! That is how a day of a fibro fighter begins.

Everyday is a challenge in our lives. We are faced with the option of either sinking or swimming each day. And each day we struggle to come out of those restrictions of pain and fatigue and emerge victorious.

No one looks at a butterfly and realises the struggles it had to put forth to become one. Similarly, we don’t look like something is wrong with us but we are always having a struggle within ourselves, waging a war against fibro and trying to look like nothing’s wrong.

Fibro has changed my perspective towards life. I can now appreciate life more. I know what it feels like to be not able to walk So when I walk now, I’m grateful for it and deep inside I’m proud for having not given up. I also know what it feels like to not being able  to say what’s on your mind, so when I’m able to strike up a conversation with friends or have a lovely chat with my family, I feel blessed. I know what it feels like to be in pain 24×7, so I could understand my patients more, as a Physiotherapist. And the list goes on.

When you feel helpless and you can’t carry on anymore, don’t give up. Because you might have come just a few feet away from the shore and stopped. As fibrofighters, what matters to us is that we are still trying. Some days, I opt to stay in my pupa or just sink- but that is okay too. Because when tomorrow comes, I’m going to swim ashore and emerge as a butterfly again.

butterfly-cocoon-change[Image Source: Facebook]

So here we are, fibrofighters: Facing and getting through life, one day at a time.

Take care, Stay positive and Keep Smiling.

Butterfly24may2012[Image Source: Facebook]



  1. Thank you. I was diagnosed with fibro nine years ago. Today I discovered that the medications I’ve been on for it have set me on a path to complete liver failure (3X the acceptable number of liver enzymes, and oh-such-a-fun ultrasound). I needed to see this post today.

    1. Really glad that you’ve found my post helpful. On a path to liver failure? That means you still have hope! So please take care of your diet and the other medications you use. You can definitely overcome it! Do feel free to ask any doubts regarding your nutrition, fitness or health, I would be glad to be of any help to you. Take care. 🙂

  2. I was diagnosed in 1996 with fibromyalgia. I had never heard of this and just tried to deal with it by myself. No one in my family seemed interested or cared about it. Now I think my Daughter has it and she also suffers from severe depression……recently my Daughter was called a hypochondriac!!! This really hurts!!!!

    1. Alicia, I’m sorry that you had to go through fibro all alone. But you can help your daughter and don’t worry as to what whoever says. All that matters is that you’re there for her and she’s going to be well and strong. Do read the other articles on this blog which would help you understand many things related to fibro and the ways to deal with it and if you have any doubts, please feel free to get them clarified. Take care.

  3. I feel like crying whenever I read anything about fibro………. specially when I get to know about some1 who is also suffering from Fibro….

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