Who stole the candy jar?

Who stole the candy jar?

Originally posted on September 14, 2011 swansonmjs

So yesterday work started like every other day. I get to work, take reports off printers, get caught up on paperwork, make coffee if needed and fill the candy jar. I am so used to “the guys” stopping at my desk to get their daily dose of chocolate. I guess I didn’ t notice at first. Around lunch time, I looked up and realized the candy jar was gone. I jokingly accused the guys of stealing it. I figured they would return it empty to be refilled. None of the usual suspects fessed up to the missing candy.
About the time when I leave work, one of my co-workers who is always in need of a “fix” before he continues working for the next 2 hours was still searching for the missing candy jar. I got a text a short while after leaving work. The text said “found the candy jar”. I am not sure why but I was afraid I knew the answer.
I showed up to work the next a.m. – candy jar in place. My co-worker said ”Was it really foggy yesterday”.. “yes – why?”, “Do you know where it was?” Just then I knew, I tapped the cabinet where I keep the candy to refill the jar. He said “yep, full”. So I knew what had I done, I had filled the jar with candy and placed the candy jar back in the drawer. I knew that I was foggy yesterday.
My flare had subsided now. The 2 days of getting having 12 hours sleep each day had set my body on the way back to normal. Insert laughter here… (normal) Yet, I was still very foggy, had loss of hands (to the extent of breaking a bowl I could not hold), and had started to experience the severe stomach aches again.
I guess I did not know the extent of the fog. Besides “the case of the missing candy jar” I was not able to recall my parent’s phone number, mis-typed almost everything that I did at work, forgot to enter a check and on and on.
Today – I have the severe stomach pains, the loss of hands, the sunburn effect and yes – I am still foggy.
You try doing Middle School Math – finding the prime factorization in the middle of a fog.
A few questions that I am in search of an answer:
How do I keep the fog at bay? How do I clear it faster?
BUT… “The Case of the Missing Candy Jar” has been solved.
warriorI am a Fibro~Warrior Living Life

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