Fibro Placebo Treatments: Misleading and Potentially Harmful

I recently came acrossed an article by Kristin Thorson who is an editor for the Fibromyalgia Network. Her recent research has found that at least half of all internists and rheumatologists in the U.S. prescribe placebo treatments without expressed permission to the patients. I was shocked when I learned this.
“Given the many medications on the market, you may wonder: Is it ethical for a doctor to prescribe you a placebo without your knowledge or informed consent? Although the results of this survey indicate just how controversial this issue is (at least when dealing with fibromyalgia patients), two large medical societies clearly oppose the deceptive use of placebos.” -Kristin Thorson (TFN)
I really don’t wish to be someone’s expiramental guinea pig. To be quite honest placebos do not work if the patient is told, but fibromyalgia is a very real condition. Giving fibro patients placebos only solidifies societies ideals that this is an invsible illness, that our pain can’t possibly be real and that it is all in our heads. However I would like for you to draw upon your own conclusions by reading this article below. Do you feel decieved? Apperantly only 20% of internists and rheumatologists in the U.S. believe this to be a very un-fair practice and are refusing to do this treatment, however most do. So if you’ve been prescribed medication that doesn’t work…ask your  rheumatologists if you were part of a treatment that you had no idea you were a part of. I’m curious to know if any Doctor would just come out and admit it.
❤ Haullie Volker
Voices of Fibromyalgia

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