Late night visits…

Young Woman Thinking

This past weekend, fibro quickly reminded me that it was one up on me….leading at the half. A gloomy rainy day brought aches and pains in the form of back and shoulder spasms. Out of the blue they attacked me! I was calmly trying to medicate the rest of my aching body when the spasms hit about two in the morning. My usual hot bath did not relieve my pain…so I trudged to the ER. My battle was only made worse by the long walk I had to make from the parking area to the ER in the rain. I was soaked when I arrived at the desk, with my ID in hand. I must have resembled a wet squirrel, because the lady at the desk gave me a sympathetic look and said, “You need to see the doctor.” She then took my ID and motioned for me to have a seat….several minutes later she brought me a hot cup of cocoa. She patted my hand, like a mother, and said. “It will be okay…it will get better.”  I wanted to say something …but I couldn’t even speak through my pain.

I sat there stiff and curled up….wishing that I could just take a nice warm nap.  The desk clerk pushed a wheelchair around for me when my name was called. By the time I was requested to come back…I couldn’t even walk. Somehow she knew I needed assistance. I was ushered through the normal routine…prodded, poked and asked a million questions about my chronic pain.  I was soon provided a quick relief through a shot in the hip! It stung for 15 seconds and soon lulled me into a nice peaceful state.  After several more exams, I was then given a concoction of Vicodin, muscle relaxers and more pain meds and told to take it easy.   I wish I could….

I walked past the desk and smiled at the lady who served me cocoa and she stated that I looked like a total different person.  Ewww I thought, yeah fibro pain will definetly change your features. I trudged back through the rain to my car and made my way back home at about 4 am in the morning.

Exhausted from my late night visit…I still couldnt sleep…..

Monday morning, my usual followup with the doctor was a tad bit different. She stated that the ER nurse was a friend of hers and had told her about my late night visit. I shook my head and smiled sightly

“She struggles with fibro as well” she said after my nonchalant response…

ahhhhh I thought, hence she understands……

Makes me wonder, if people with fibro have a certain look… or if the warrior within just recognizes another fighter…

Peace, Love & Empowerment





  1. Wow, that was a powerful blog… experiencing my own late night pain flare and reading this has made me tear up! What a difference it makes to have someone that understands and recognises what you are going though! Such a shame that this is so much the exception to what people with FM can experience. Virtual hugs xo

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