Cute prissy shoes…

So today I’m headed out on the town…a night with my girlfriends! Haven’t done this in a while so I think we’ll go somewhere special, perhaps a movie or out to dinner. Then we will rendezvous at Tracey’s, hang up all night and talk about our lifes, our loves, our families and our shopping escapades. Eat chips and dip, a slice of cheesecake and watch a girly flick, like “Waiting to Exhale” or “Eat, Pray, Love.”

I’ve picked out just the right outfit, some skinny jeans and my favorite blouse. I’ve snatched the makeup stash from my daughter, trimmed my brows and played with a color or two. I like the bronze because it accents the highlights in my hair. My lips are painted gold with a little brown liner to give it just enough pop….I think…

I rummage through my closet looking for the match to my favorite shoes…I dig through the bottom of the closet in search of the ones that are more comfy. Perhaps I will be adventurous and wear the strappy ones! Yeah, the ones I brought at Burlingtons last year….at the after Christmas sale! The ones my daughter said were “too prissy” for her taste!

Ah there they are, tucked snugly in the corner, under my box of hats with the tags still attached. I tug at the straps to slide them on and smile with glee. They still fit, I smile…yes they do still fit…

I take two supermodel strides past the mirror, admiring the view and sit down on the side of my bed….I sigh…
Im exhausted, tired and in pain….
Ten minutes into my routine, I no longer have the strength or desire to exit my room, let alone my home! I dont answer the calls from my girlfriends, I simply text and say…”I have a headache..” I hope they’ll understand, I havent the patience or energy to try and explain…again.

So here I am…snuggled up to my pillow…with my cute prissy shoes on with the price tag still attached!

The pain of fibromyalgia has won yet again…but somehow between the aches and pain, I manage to muster a smile as I look down at my new prissy shoes……..cause they still fit!

Peace, Love & Empowerment

(Picture courtesy of blogspot)prom-shoes-2012-purple-chiffon-heels



  1. I know all too well how this feels. In spite of my illness I try to maintain an active social life but it’s hard. While I’m lucky in the way to have a wealth of friends to head out with it isn’t always easy for me nor do they understand really when I have to cancel at the last minute. I hope you get your Girls Night Out soon. 🙂

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