2013 Awareness Campaigns

Okay! So we are nearly a month in to the new year, and I thought it was high time to let you guys know about our BRAND NEW AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS for 2013! We actually have two of them that we are going to be focusing on! So here goes….

spoonSpread The Spoonz Campaign

So, this campaign is going to be centered around the Spoon Theory. This is meant to bring a little fun and levity to living a life with chronic illness. What we are going to be doing is taking a spoon (any kind you want, big, small, plastic, metal, whatever you want!) and crafting supplies. We’d like you all to either write an inspirational message on the spoon, or decorate the spoon to look like YOU! So, if you have brown hair, take some brown yarn, tape or glue it to the spoon, add eyes, and voila! A spoonie version of yourself! After you are finished decorating your spoon, take a photo and send it to us at JLynnCorter@yahoo.com or message it to us on our FibroFighterz page on Facebook! We are going to be collecting these photos and adding them to the website and a Facebook album, as well as a pinboard on Pinterest! We’re going to spread the spoonz everywhere!


Dear Chronic Illness Campaign

This other campaign is meant to purge ourselves of our feelings towards the illnesses we deal with on a daily basis. My inspiration for this one came through my finding an old journal entry of mine dealing with Fibromyalgia, and I had written a letterletter to it, explaining how it made me feel. Although it may seem silly at first, it is an incredibly cleansing thing to do. We also want to collect these letters, snip out excerpts of them and create graphics with them, spreading them throughout our campaign outlets!


Alrighty–what do YOU guys think? Do you have any ideas for an awareness campaign? Tell us in the comments!



  1. I think the Spoon-idea is great. I’m goïng to make one soon, and will send it in. For the other campaign, I only write “directly”, and I mean by that, that I put my feelings in my spots on the Net and responces on other peoples spots.

  2. I love the journal idea, it is something I had been wanting to do myself. Maybe this will give them the push I need to get started.

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