Do You Have a PHR?

fuileWithin this ever growing world of technology, digitizing information has become a staple of many companies. These days you can do your taxes online, renew your registration online and even keep your health records online. I do believe that the website sums it up beautifully; “Technology is changing the way we manage our health.”

Why Is A PHR Important?

Many websites on the internet today allow you to create and store a Personal Health Record, or PHR for short, (in other places, it is also known as an Electronic Health Record, or EHR). You can fill out all of your medical history, testing, operations you’ve had, doctors you see and more. There are many good reasons to keep your health information safely online. Your healthcare providers will have quick and easy access to your medical information, rather then searching through your file. For one, there isn’t a risk of your file getting lost, as most are backed up to the cloud, you can share this information safely with your doctor, and some websites even allow you to integrate receiving your testing results from right within their websites. A recommended piece of reading is’s infographic.

Many EHR’s/PHR’s that are out there are available to you at no cost, while other’s have a minimal cost involved. It’s important to do your research to find out which website suits your individual needs the best.

Is It Safe?

I couldn’t say this better myself, so I am going to quote “Any resource that collects personal health information about you or your family can expose you to potential risks. When evaluating such tools, look for privacy and security policies that protect your data and ensure that no one can access your information without your explicit permission. (The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) offers a model privacy policy for companies offering personal health records.)”

In other words, it’s important to look at the website in full, look for their privacy policy, if it is a secured website, etc. If you have doubts, you could always contact the website’s administrator to find out about their site.

So What Are The Best Websites?

I’ve included a list of links below to some helpful articles as well as a few of the EHR/PHR websites for you to look over.

Microsoft HealthVault- Is one of the more widely recognized websites for developing your EHR. Their service is free, and it even has the option to allow some popular health apps to link to it, if you so choose them to.

Check Out Microsoft HealthVault Here!
WebMD’s PHR- WebMD, the popular health and wellness website now offers their own online health management PHR. Their service is also free.

Check out WebMD’s PHR Here!
Practice Fusion’s PHR- PracticeFusion is a free service that allows patients to create their own PHR.

Check out PracticeFusion’s PHR Here!

PatientAlly- Allows you to fill out forms, request appointments and more! Also free.

Check out PatientAlly here!’s Informational Website


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