Fibromyalgia Awareness Crusaderz: Greg Jones of Fibro For Men!

greg1I was very excited to be interviewing Greg, he is the creator of one of the leading Fibromyalgia support pages for men, Fibro For Men. For the longest time, Fibromyalgia has far been underestimated in men. Only recently has it been found that FM has often gone undetected and undiagnosed in men, according to this article.

Fibro For Men was conceived out of frustration and loneliness. As Greg puts it; “There was no resource for men to go and find out about the illness.” With the medical community and even most support communities focusing their attention on women, Greg had an idea; a community geared specifically towards male Fibromyalgia patients. A place where they could gather, swap stories, share what helps them and just be there for each other.

Greg’s Fibromyalgia back story begins in 1998, when his symptoms first began, but it wasn’t until 2003 that his pain was finally given a name. He treats his symptoms on a day to day basis, and uses guaifenisen. During the cold months of the year, he uses heat therapy with a hot tub.

After Greg was diagnosed, he was given a book, “Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual”, which began to give him some insight into the greg2illness he was experiencing. The stranger asked for nothing in return, except for Greg to “Pay It Forward.” That’s where Fibro For Men began.

Greg’s advice to those out there living with chronic pain is simple;

The best advice I can give another sufferer is to always try to stay positive in your mind, it is so easy to give in to depression when you are in intense pain because your body is telling you something is wrong. You have to find your inner light and focus on it even during the hard times. Use whatever gets you mind off the pain meditation, spiritual healing, religion, pain management, massage etc.. For me just knowing that there are other people suffering out there that I can help keeps me going.”

Greg is 37 and an avid outdoors-man (when Fibromyalgia permits it). He fishes, hunts, bikes, swims and relaxes. He often wishes that he had a cabin in the woods, where it would be “heaven” for him. He lives with his wife, their bantam chickens and their two Maine Coon cats, Toby and Taz.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with these incredibly inspiring words from Greg.

“I built Fibro For Men to support Fibromyalgia Awareness in men and their families. All that I am hoping for is to light that dark tunnel I found myself in several years ago.”

You can find Greg via his Facebook page: Fibro For Men


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