New Year, New Perspectives!

new2013 has arrived! Forgive me for this post being a week late, but with Fibromyalgia, I’m sure you guys can relate to how that is! But anywho, I wanted to write a little something about perspective.

In November, I underwent an immense personal transformation. I’d been suffering from depression since early 2012 (and many times prior to that as well). It had gotten so bad to the point where I didn’t even want to get out of bed, get dressed, or even play with my son, which was usually the only thing that would ever cheer me up. I felt hopeless, useless and as though I were a burden to my entire family. Who wants a sick wife, daughter, mother, etc?

My doctor wanted to place me into an inpatient program, and I was all for the idea, up to the point of going to the emergency room. Then my husband and mother walked through the door. I saw their tear-stained faces and I realized that I didn’t want to be away from them, I didn’t want to be away from my little boy. Something stirred inside of me that night, something changed.

Instead of being placed inpatient, I was put into an intense outpatient behavioral program, meant to teach coping skills and medication education. Initially, I was skeptical and nervous, because in the past I’d been in the program, but never fully completed it. But once I truly immersed myself, everyone could see the change in me. I was a different person, I was happier, and the best part was that I could feel happiness and joy again.

Looking back now, I realize it was all about perspective and the way that I was looking at things in my life. I had been seeing my life as this terrible hopeless mess, and I was only focusing on the negative aspects rather then the huge amount of positive aspects that were right in front of me.

That’s where I got the inspiration for the FibroFighterz Attitude of Gratitude page! By sitting down and thinking about all of the positive’s in our life, it will have a great impact on how we feel about our lives! My resolution for this year is to continually focus on the positives, and try to let go of the negative. Remember….

It’s all about perspective and how you see your life….



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  1. i SOOO wish and pray, that i could have that happy, positive attitude that everyone seems to have abt this, like c’est la vie!! But i’ve been fighting depression since early childhood. and i have been feeling SOOO much like u were, before you changed. i had an optomistic outlook when i had cancer as a teen, but i knew that it wasn’t a life sentence either. i have been an inpatient 5 or 6x, already, w no real help whatsoever. it was just like a jail w/o bars, and you were treated, (at least i was, b/c they thought, i just wanted attention, and told me so). they didn’t even want to hear me open my mouth, during group counseling! now, i’ve developed a widespread allergy to psych meds. I really need my seratonin, but can’t take it. B/c it gives me the symptoms of a heart attack, and i can’t handle it. My psych has been working patiently w/me for yrs., but he’s running low in his bag of tricks, if their is anything left. all i can do i s pray, b/c honestly, there is nothing else! 😥

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