Fibromyalgia Awareness Video Project | Submit Your Photo Sign :)

Fibromyalgia Awareness Video project: I’m collecting photos of fibro survivors holding signs telling us how fibro affects your life and what statement you want to make to the world about fibro. These photos will be used in a video that will be uploaded to youtube to be shared worldwide to help us raise our voices about fibro, actually in this case…we’ll be raising our SIGNS! It’s going to also be in dedication to Fibro Fighterz for their inspiration that literally got me out of a very dark place.

Do you want to be in the video? The deadline for your photo is January 1st. Photos will not include names and you can make it look however you wish, black and white, color, different fonts, pictures…ect. All that we ask is that the words be big and clear enough to read on a video and that the photo be standard photo LANDSCAPE size and not cropped or else we can’t use it. Please don’t add grids or graphical text or other graphics, ty. Once the video is made it cannot be un-done so please keep that in mind before submitting your photo. 🙂 TYVM

Send your photo to:

After we receive enough photos, we will create the video that will help us change the world, one VOICE at a time. Thank you to everyone for your participation and may you hold your fibro sign proudly. We are so honored to everyone for being a part of our project. When the video is finished we will post it online for everyone to see. If you have a fibro facebook page please feel free to share our project news with your friends so we can all join in on this wonderful life changing awareness video.

❤ Haullie (Founder of “Voices of Fibromyalgia“)


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