Interview With Nicole Chilelli, Winner of FACE/OFF Season 3 & Fibro Survivor

Tune into a very special episode TONIGHT of The Fibro Show at 7:00PM PT. We’ll be interviewing special guest & fibro survivor Nicole Chilelli; the winner of FACE/OFF Season 3 which airs on the SyFy Channel.
Nicole is a fibromyalgia survivor and has become a becon of hope for anyone with fibro looking to continue their dreams of success despite their illness. From her signature purple hair, to the word “hope” she wears around her neck, to her love of her animal…this is one girl who won’t let fibro beat her down and is proud to fight the good fight.
We’re looking forward to the show and I hope you can all join us live as well as for the live chat during the show. You must register at to be able to chat.
You can also call into the show after we announce we’ll be taking calls if you have a question for Nicole: (310) 742-1827. We may not be able to get to every call, callers will be limited to one question for so we have time to get to more. TY!)
♥ See you all there! -Haullie
Listen to the show at the link below:

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