Farwell Flare Up

Posted on April 28, 2011 by swansonmjs

All I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE! This past flare up was by far the worst one I have ever experienced. It was long lasting, painful, and so very tiring. I am so grateful to wake up on Sunday morning – and have a sense of relief. Don’t get me wrong – there was still the normal aches, pains and stiffness that is there to greet me every morning now.

But for those of us with Fibro – that is a good morning. I was amazed at the difference. I felt like this big weight had been lifted from my shoulders. On Monday, Mother Nature decided to be kind.  There was this big yellow thing high in the sky and along with it came such a warm feeling.

Last week @ swimming class – I could not even complete the class entirely.  The lights in the pool were too bright, the noise from the kids was way too loud and every inch of my body hurt to the slightest touch. I did the class as best as I could – left right after the class. A friend started to talk to me ~ and I couldn’t ~ the tears were going to start again. She said, “I think you push yourself too hard sometimes).  Maybe – but if don’t push to keep going  – I won’t be able to go.

On Wednesday, this week  – not only was I able to work out and feel like it was a good work out –  I was again able to converse with my friends. It was fun and so very needed. This week (like everyother week) is extremely busy.  I have work,  5 doctor appts, running my Daughter to her volleyball practices and games, planning a “60′s” themed sleepover birthday party with 6 eleven year olds in attendance, and the regular day to day  house cleaning and grocery shopping, and attending a play on Sunday.

In addition, this week Mother Nature decided that the one glorious day of sun was all we were going to see – and gave us more snowflakes today. My Chiropractor was amazed that I was still in a cheery dispostion. He noted the difference this week from last weeks tear stained face.  He said his other patients have not been able to keep the smiles thru the gloomy weather. It hasn’t been easy but I have to do it. Both for myself, my daughter and my job.

Last week I was asked to have my Doctor complete a workablilty form. Thankfully, my Doctor wrote a very simple one – Melissa is able to do her work.  YEAH!!!  Forget the fact that in order to do her work, she needs to move, needs to have ice/heat applied regularly, continue to drink water – which means trips around the corner, and when the fog hits – her mind is mush. But – Melissa is able to do her work was what was written and I was so very relieved. Because not being able to work (is a whole another story).

By 2:00 p.m. – I am done. Well, my body says I should be done – I keep going until 8:30 p.m.  I start losing my concentration around 2 p.m – my yawns start, my body slowly starts to ache, and I would give anything to just lay down and take a nap.  I keep working ~ keep plugging away and my task at my job, then afterwards – go about my errands that I have to get done, etc. etc. etc. By 7:30-8:00 ( I am crabby) – I am tired, I am sore, I am crabby. I want to go to bed. I start snapping – things are not getting done as fast as they should, I am not getting to bed as soon as I can get there.  My day ends with me after me taking medicine, turning on my heated mattress, applying a ice pack to my back, lights out, kissing my Daughter goodnight, and just hoping with all that I can that I will sleep for more than a few hours. Like I said, this week – isn’t anything different. I am still crazy busy, still facing the lousy cloudy weather and all of the daily activities. I know that one is around the corner – just the wrong weather, the barometric pressure, the stress level climbs – yep – I know that I have  a Flare up actually many flare ups in my future. But I am going to make the most of every day that I am without one.

So Adio’s for now… Thank God that it is gone and give me the strength to keep them few and far between.

I am a Fibro Warrior ~ Living Life!



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