Road Trip

Road Trip

Today is the weekend road trip that I have been both preparing for and dreading to come. We are leaving shortly – the van is packed (with the exception of ice, meds, heating pads, massage cushion, sunglasses, and a list of stretching excercises suggested from Fibro 101.

I was thinking that I have gone back in time and I need to carry a diaper/baby bag with me all the time. Think about it. When we are mom’s of young children; we carry a bag that has just about anything that could possibly be needed. As a Fibro patient (we need a better word than this) – it is the same thing.

A baby – needs a bottle or food –  I need water and a snack  to go with meds.medicine cabinet pic

A  baby – needs orajel/diaper rash meds etc. – I need a full medicine cabinet.

A baby – needs toys to keep them entertained, distracted – I need a stress ball.

I used to carry the favorite cassette with (If you don’t know what a cassette is then I am way older than you) – now I carry on my Droid relaxing yoga music.

A baby needs a change of clothes – I always have my swimming suit and a pair of comfy shoes. (Hate comfy shoes – want fun stylin’ shoes – but body says wear the darn ugly shoes).

I used to have to help my daughter with her words, balancing, etc.. Now, I have my daughter to help me with my balance and remembering my words when in a deep fog.

I am off to go pack my bag. Maybe I will look for a really fun diaper bag to start carrying.

It is sure to at least get some really fun looks or conversations going.diaper bag pic

I found a quote I use at the end of my Healing Well signature. I need to start reciting it to myself daily, listen to it, and follow it.

“I have Fibro – Fibro doesn’t have me”


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  1. How true Melissa! I carry around my T.E.N.S Unit everyday because I never know when I am going to need it. I just bought a beautiful stylish purse/bag to carry it in. My husband saw me leaving for work the other day and said “Why are you carrying 2 purses?” I replied that if I have to carry around this contraption and wires I am at least going to do it in style! 🙂

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