Halting the Depression Circle

Halting the Depression Circle

To all our friends with depression:

There are many reasons why people get depressed. Most people will suffer from depression at some time in their lives. Different circumstances trigger different responses in people and they will experience a variety of reactions. There are many instances when depression is entirely understandable, a normal human response to a tragic event. But there are also many cases where the cause of a person’s agony is not so obvious.

There are many illnesses such as fibromyalgia and arthritis that are not classed as terminal, but maybe should be deemed to be life-threatening illnesses. The expected life span is shortened due to symptom complications and medication, but the biggest killer would have to be depression. Depression is not only clinical depression that has a chemical link to these illnesses, but also often results from the situation that sick people find themselves in. If you are crippled or severely incapacitated at times, seemingly randomly, without warning and get little support emotionally or financially, I think it is quite normal to be depressed. Especially if you can see no reason for it or even a pattern to its occurrence. This aspect is talked about very little, but I think that it needs to be addressed by society.

I have read advice on getting through depression. The best advice is to GET HELP NOW. Taking medication for depression is sometimes necessary to get in the right headspace so that you can analyse your situation rationally and take steps towards a better future for yourself. You will need to work through the emotional issues and make changes in your way of thinking and the way you live, as discussed in my book.

My friend Ali says that  “Antidepressants are not always a good thing. In some scenarios people actually have worsening depression from them. I just think it is important that this is noted.”

I do not presume to have all the answers, but I do have a few suggestions that may help.

Remove the word “SHOULD” from your life. Concentrate on doing what you LOVE, LIKE and WANT to do. Yes – we understand that you may now have commitments such as mortgage, job…but taking the time to untangle yourself from things that no longer make you happy is the only way to reinstate your happiness. Write a list of things that you are grateful for that you already have and a list of things that you want to do. If you already have a bucket list, do this now – not because you think you may die soon, but because it will make you happy. If you find some of the things that you thought would make you happy, don’t…start your list again. Life is not a race, you are allowed to change your mind and start over ♥

Linley Duncan

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I am a survivor from a number of illnesses, including Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I live happily in defiance of illness with my family on a kiwifruit orchard near Tauranga, New Zealand, living the life I love and doing the things I enjoy and believe are important. 🙂

I am the author of “The Crystal Diary” written about my late daughter, published in April 2012. “Living Happily in Defiance of Illness” was published in August 2012, it is healing guidebook for people affected by chronic illness. Both books are available in printed format and the Defiance book is available in EBook format for instant download.


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