Surviving Fibro.. What options do I have?

What other option do I have?

So – yippy skippy ~ I get to have more than just Fibromyaglia as my diagnosis. I really was holding my breath, counting my blessings, however you want to describe it. I have been reading post after post of other’s dealing with Fibro (listed along with the fibro they have RLS, DDD, IBS, CFS, and this is very long. I have begun to understand how the spine and all of the nerves are connected and why so many of these conditions are frequently found together.  I already know that I have S.A.D., and anxiety issues. So why not add to the list. More impressive don’t ya think. Like titles after a college graduate.

When I was told that I have Degenerative disc diesase (and nearly scoliosis) – I just listened. I did not yet let it sink in completely. I did my usual stuff; research. I am still researching it.  At swimming the other day – it started to become real. What does this mean for me? What will I not be able to do now? If I continue to do the swimming which is so needed for my fibro and peace of mind – will the twisiting and jumping hurt my chances of stopping my disease? If I continue to do what I have actually grown to need and love to do – what damage will I be doing to myself?  Will I end up in a wheel chair that much faster?

I have decided to just keep doing what I am doing; wait and hear what the Chiropractor has to say about me?; and try to find the “Right” Doctor to help me rule out the other possiblilities being thrown at me.

I was telling this to a friend, saying that it is what it is and I will deal with it. She commented “you have such a good attitude about all of this”.. I said .. “What other option do I have?”

I could jump from the bridge .. but then again… I am afraid of bridges.. so guess that option is out.

Guess that leaves only trying to have a good attitude (most of the time).


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