This is my Life ~ A chair .. isn’t a chair.

A chair … isn’t just a chair.

Sitting; How excited we are when our child can sit for the first time.  I wonder how much thought it takes the young child to sit. Is it something they have to work at mentally as well as physically balancing.

Imagine – sitting – and having to think about it before, during, and after the act of simply sitting.  That is what it is like when you have Fibro.

First ~ you need to look at what chairs are available and how long you will be sitting. It needs to be a chair that is not soft so you do not sink into it and then not be able to get up.  The back has to be supportive – if not you need to be sure you have something to put between your back and the back of the chair.  You can’t cross your legs anymore (your hips hurt too much). Even using these measures to be prepared it doesn’t help. After sitting for even a short time as 20 minutes – you need to readjust, move your hips and legs, straighten your back. Sitting in a movie theater – has become a chore – I try to sit near the aisle seat and the back of the theater –  I know that I will need to get up and move at least 2 times during the movie.  At home -I sit in an oversized chair and a foot stoot. It does feel good to have the legs propped but the back still hurts after a short time.

As you lower yourself into the seat – you use your hands to balance and slowing move your body into the seat.  The same action is used to rise out of the seat.  I use heating patches applied to the lower back and now my shoulder. I also use a microwaveable rice/lavender filled therapy bag that feels marvelous and smells even better (Provided you don’t burn it – HA!).

So… Sitting has become a thought process – a painful process – a process that most people do most of the day and without any thought.


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  1. I soooo hear you!!! Getting up and down from a chair can be so painful & if you lose it getting up & end up back on your butt you have to go through the whole process again!!

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