Be Nice

I have been struggling to find the right words to describe several situations in my life at the moment. That is one of the major benefits in the type writing that I do, to be able to save, edit and rework it until I’m happy with the finished product.


Some articles flow nicely and are published straight away, some sit for months until they are right, or the time is right. I’m not trying to say they are perfect and I’m not striving for perfection here. Just to capture a concept, an idea in time that reflects the sentiment behind it.


And now, just today, it came to me as one easy concept, no need for complicated explanations: just be nice. It really is quite simple: BE NICE, that’s all we have to do. Be nice to ourselves and others. So this doesn’t mean putting up with things and being a doormat, because that would not be being nice to ourselves. It applies to every situation in life, every circumstance.


So I’m off – free from rules and regulations, just ready to take each situation as it presents itself and react as nicely as I can, as uniquely as my own intuition guides me to.


Linley Duncan 🙂

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I am a survivor from a number of illnesses, including Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I live happily in defiance of illness with my family on a kiwifruit orchard near Tauranga, New Zealand, living the life I love and doing the things I enjoy and believe are important.

I am the author of “The Crystal Diary” written about my late daughter, published in April 2012. “Living Happily in Defiance of Illness” was published in August 2012, it is healing guidebook for people affected by chronic illness. Both books are available in printed format and the Defiance book is available in EBook format for instant download.


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