This is my life…Planning a trip.

Planning a trip…So different than before.  Orig. posted 04/06/2011

So.. I am planning a short distance/quick weekend trip – just takes about 4 1/2 hours (before Fibro to get there).  It was so easy before.

Pack (always days if not a week early), drive down early a.m. or after work (no matter how late it would be to get there). Stop if needed maybe once or twice but usually it was the fewer stops the better. Just drive fast and get there. Enjoy the trip – stay up late – go out with Friends – drive home just as fast as going there – unpack all that night – do laundry and get ready to tackle the new week.

That isn’t the case since Fibro.

Now ~ If I am lucky I will get packed the day of the trip.  I am usually still throwing things in a back the day I am leaving.  It is very hard to leave too early or too late.  It takes me awhile to be able to function in the early a.m.’s and if it is after work I am so tired – I need to go right away or wait until the next a.m.

When packing, I have to remember so much more. I have to be sure that I have packed my meds, my heating pads, my back support and anything else that will help make the trip easier. I have to use a back support in the van – stop often to keep my legs working. For some reason – my right leg/hip likes to stop working when in a vehicle for a long time.  I notice that my headaches increase – I don’t know if it is from concentrating on driving, the glare of the sun off the snow or what but they are wonderful.

I have to plan on swimming as many days as I can while I am visiting. Luckily, I have found a heated pool that will let me join the classes there for only $5.00 a class. The members are very welcoming and it is a big help for me.  I also have to increase my Nortriptiline and add Ambium to help me sleep.

I keep my bedtime as close to normal as possible. Generally – in bed by 9;00.  Try to rest as much as possible. Spend less time visting with Family and Friends then I used to do.  Drink plenty of water – and try to keep my food intake the same.  It is so hard to do that. If eating at home or out with someone ~ It is so hard to not eat Carbs or want to have a casual drink with them.  I have to monitor Carbs and of course – the drinking is a no-no.

The ride home is tough. I start out already sore from a different bed, the traveling to the place and the different activities.  I have to stop more often and use the heating patches.

Once home, the suitcases etc. still get brought in the house. But not all of them get put away right away. It has taken me more than a day or so to get things put back where they belong.  The next day or two – I usually will have some form of flare up. I am more tired than normal, sleep is so needed.

It will come to a point where I expect I won’t even be able to make these trips. But for now ~ I will continue to plan ahead ~ realistically ~ as to what I can do and for how long I may be recovering from the venture. I will not let it stop me – yet.


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  1. It is so hard to travel now that I have fibromyalgia. I am just now starting to venture out again. I’ve been healing from when I was at my worst this winter and just now feel strong enough to plan a weekend trip with my husband. I have a strict 1 hour travel time rule right now as being in the car that long causes me pain but not as bad as anything longer than that. I’m planning a bed & breakfast weekend for us next month. It will be our first vacation since last summer. I know I’ll start packing days in advance and will have a long list to check and double check before we leave. It takes some much effort and preplanning to travel now, but it’s worth it. I’m looking forward to a long weekend away with my husband.

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