Minimize your pain and maximize your life!

Minimize your pain and maximize your life!

I have found what I believe to be the key to my illnesses (Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia). Not a cure, but a way of minimalising them to an acceptable level for me. This is a very personal viewpoint and I fully realize that tolerance levels vary with individuals.

My book “Living Happily in Defiance of Illness” describes how I achieved my personal success. But here is an overview:

The concept is simple – simple, but not easy! I found the best way to defy my illnesses comprised of two steps. The first is doing whatever it takes to get relief from the symptoms. The second is investigating the emotional causes that triggered the illness. This involved changing my attitude, expanding my knowledge and understanding in order to be able to live in peace. This in turn led to healing the emotional wounds that caused the trauma/illness.

I know that this strategy can work for you too! We will just have to work at personalizing it to suit you and your circumstances.

My book mainly concentrates on the second step, as there are many books and resources that will help with the mainstream coping strategies, the first and most obvious being, of course, medical specialists. I do briefly go into natural options. But the majority of this book is devoted to exploring the emotional aspects of illness. As I have previously mentioned – this will be your key to unlocking your personal health puzzle.

So why aren’t we aiming for 100% health – going for a full cure?

Firstly, I believe that for most of us this is an unattainable goal. What we would have to sacrifice in order to achieve it, for me, and I’m guessing for most of you too, would be a case of “the cure being worse than the disease”. It has also been said that “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” but the consequences of this usually make for a very unpleasant experience. Sure many people have completely reversed illnesses, but I have chosen to keep cherished parts of my lifestyle.  I have made a life for myself that fits with my family’s lifestyle. I strive for quality of life. I have no desire to have an extended life eating and doing things that I don’t enjoy. Quantity for me is over-rated. I’m leading a very enjoyable lifestyle and I have talked to loads of others who envy this and wish for the same themselves. This book will help you achieve your dream.

Secondly, many auto-immune diseases are irreversible, once in your body, they mutate and kick off other auto-immune diseases. Many cause permanent damage to joints. No amount of positive thinking will grow back bones and tissue (with a few miraculous exceptions).

I have included a wealth of photos, many of which were taken by my husband on our “dream holiday” in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Egypt and around our home. I hope that these will help to stimulate your imagination, or at least start you laughing. Laughter is one of the oldest, most basic forms of healing and remains a very relevant ingredient to healthy life.

So continue reading and start dreaming, visualizing a life where illness does not play a central role. I wish you great enjoyment planning your new life – on your own terms!

Linley Duncan

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more articles that I have written I invite you to visit my website

I am a survivor from a number of illnesses, including Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I live happily in defiance of illness with my family on a kiwifruit orchard near Tauranga, New Zealand, living the life I love and doing the things I enjoy and believe are important.

I am the author of “The Crystal Diary” written about my late daughter, published in April 2012. “Living Happily in Defiance of Illness” was published in August 2012, it is healing guidebook for people affected by chronic illness. Both books are available in printed format and the Defiance book is available in EBook format for instant download 🙂


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