“Drug Addict”

If there is one thing that gets underneath my skin like nothing else, it is when severe pain has made its grand appearance, and when painkillers just don’t touch the pain, you have to go to the emergency room just to get some relief, and that is when they say something along the lines of “well, you’ve been here quite often” or “you’re showing signs of being a drug addict”. What’s even better is where you can clearly hear them talking about you, and then you hear the word ‘addict’ aftwerwards.

 I’ve been in this kind of situation for the past year and a half. It’s been a hellish ride. After my son was born, I’ve been experiencing pelvic pain in the lower left side, and no one can pinpoint or figure out what it is, past being an endometriosis flare now and then. But the pain is relentless, every single day.

Today is a horrid day. Bad bad bad, terrible, awful and sucky. I’ve taken Vicodin, to no avail. There is no relief whatsoever. I’ve cried I don’t know how many times today. To me, it feels like nothing will touch the pain, that I probably should go to the hospital if I hope for any relief at all. But I am in that catch-22 where I certainly do not want to be called a drug addict, again.

I am legitimately in pain, and it just isn’t fair that they can’t see that. The doctors and nurses and medical professionals do not see us every hour of every day, so how exactly are they to know what our lives are like?

Does anyone else ever feel like this? Have you been called an addict? How does it make you feel? Share your thoughts and feelings, please!



  1. Hi Jennifer! When I saw your email land in my inbox I was somewhat overjoyed!!! Not for the fact that you have had this issue, because I have had this issue for over 5 years now, but to hear that someone else is battling the system as I am!! I have been battling with my doctor for so long now about an increase in my meds and getting the “drug addict” attitude. She hasnt come out and said it but they way she has been prescribing my meds its obvious about the way she feels. What does one do when you sit in your living room at 3:00 am crying your heart out because the pain is so bad but know that if you go to emerg or back to the doctor you will be looked at and treated like an addict. There are studies out there, (I was in pharmaceuticals before I got sick) that state that “most” patients with chronic pain are not addicts. They only want relief and thats the only thing that interests them. But here in Canada the government has such a strong hold on narcotics that the RCMP has become involved. Doctors are scared to death to subscribe over what the “recommended” dose is and If they do, they are hauled on to the medical carpet and disciplined. But what gets me is the so-called “recommended” dose is different for everyone!!! What you may need is different to what I need. We, with chronic pain are suffering because of the REAL abusers and will continue to until the governments take a long hard look at the suicide numbers of the people who just couldnt take the pain and were refused because of these damn laws. So in a very long winded answer Jennifer, I too and millions others do go through this garbage on a daily basis. I do pray that you will get some relief soon and also hope that this situation is fixed soon because this is no way to live! Did you know that vets get more pain management training than GP’s do!! Thats something to think about! (( (Gentle Hugs)))

  2. Sorry for your plight. I feel like a need an emergency room visit at least once a month but my pain specialist Dr., a very prominent Dr. who has appeared on the Today Show, told me ” they would laugh you right out of there. As far as being called a “drug addict”, my sister who is 65 ys old & has multiple issues has been told for quite a few years she needs to be on pain management. She won’t. Morally Superior. ” She would NEVER give up,her freedom to that extent to anyone”. She was visiting from S.C. Yesterday & we were out to dinner at a nice restaurant with her old boyfriend & his family (who I do not know well). She bellowed at dinner that her old boyfriend & I are “Drug Addicts”! Boy did that hurt. All I could muster up to say is that everyone has there pain limit. Oh man, people….. I know she didn’t realize how demoralizing it was. If she did she wouldn’t have said it, but there it is. If I spend an afternoon costing an Aunt, just sitting, talking, looking at pictures …. I “pay” the next day. I can’t get out of bed. I need every medicine Imhave at my disposal & my heating pad is my best friend. Does anyone really believe anyone would want to live this way???? I don’t. I was a vibrant, active, sports girl who has a husband 2 children a dog and a house, and a full time job and a part-time weekend job… Needless to say I do not like many people. Now with this hurricane upon us it is unbearable (the pain). That’s why I’m up at 1:20 PM. God Bless you all, I hope I did not overdue as this is the 1st time I have ever written and vented on-line. Hopemyou’re better Jennifer, Kathy and all,those others out there with Chronic Pain. WE ARE NOT DRUG ADDICTS.

  3. We are not “drug addicts.” If I had the choice, I would not be taking these stupid meds. I dare anyone to call me that. My comment would be, “You really think so?? Well, feel free to spend the night at my house and see first hand how I have to crawl down the stairs in the morning because the pain is so bad that I can barely move. Or how, on really bad days when the meds don’t work, I sit on the couch rocking back and forth, crying because the pain is so bad.”

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