This is my life ~ Surviving Fibro

Fibromyalgia Rollercoaster

(Posted March 15th, 2011)
The past few days have been a rollercoaster.  I  have  been trying to make jokes  about  the most    current developments the sleeplessness continues  but   now I have developed the    numbness in my.hands and some of my face. I told everyone that apparently  my   body isnt  ok with  having only 13 of the 15  main symptoms, so  I  needed  to be   an overachiever and have  all 15   . I  am  also  popping Tylenol like candy which will damage my liver,my reply to  this is  I  may  as  well become an alcoholic. At  least then I would  enjoy killing  my liver.  I   went swimming this  am,  this class  is  the older group..I am trying some of  the stretches hoping to   regain  the circulation in my hands.   Well   meds  havent kicked in   yet,…heating pad  is on, icy hot applied-hope   to  sleep   soon-5 am will   be here   soon.

Another sleepless night…

Yesterday, to add to the normal sore, stiff body – my hands and face have continued to lose circulation. I had counseling which did not make matters any better.  I took my meds at 8 – should have been asleep by 8:30 – after applying more icy hot, turning up the heating pad, and taking an additional ambium – I finally fell asleep about 2:00 p.m. – Today – more of the same – I have to pick up my GS troops at 1:30 today for a bowling field trip – then I will get to go hit the pool again. I am hoping that an hour in the pool and some time in the hot tub will loosen things up so I can sleep tonight.  It has taken me over a year +, to have the Doctors finally diagnose me, for me to tell family and friends what I have to do to try to stay as active as possible, and for me to start to deal with it. Now, I hear that some of my own Family – doubt that I have it and that it must be just stress.  I thought I had moved past the “It’s all in your head” stage. I was finally feeling that my pain etc was validated and now I feel like I went ten steps backwards.  It is a constant struggle to not share the pain/feelings etc so that I do not sound like a whining baby – I am so grateful to have joined some good chat rooms to help me feel “normal”.

A new perspective.

Today  the  flare up  was   at  its  worse.  whether it is the change in  weather, the  high stress  at home,  the fact I haven’t  excercised since saturday,  or just because….. No  matter the   reason I went  swimming  tonight, took meds  and hope  to  sleep.    I  was just done  with   my fourth  meltdown today when I talked to a  new friend.  She  could tell my day by  my face.   She  said she was   at the pool also  for   piece of mind. She works at a hospital. This  weekend she   watched 3 lives  end. A 27-year-old overdose, a women who left her   children orphans because  they lost  their dad a  few months before, and  infant  born 6 months early. I thought of their  families and mostly the mom  who only had    her son for  24 hours . I will get  another  day …good or bad…I  get   another day. I am   going  to  try   to sleep – and tomorrow will  be good .. Because I  have a tomorrow.

Good Day.

After having virtually no sleep for 4 days .. I called the Doctor yesterday and asked what else I can take for the pain. I was not wanting to go on prescription pain pills along with everything else I am already taking. I went to swimming before work yesterday, worked, ran my Daughter to her acting class, went to another swimming class, ran to get supper, picked up Daughter (ate in-car), volleyball practice – off to pick up the new prescription – wait for volleyball to be over – home to bed.

I SLEPT!!!!  – 8 whole hours – wonderful – I don’t know if the new meds were the reason or pure exhaustion.

I am now taking Neurontin (it is a low dose – 100 mg – 3 times a day). Only time will tell.  I took a water class today that was meant for Fibromyalgia patients.  They were so welcoming – talking about how long they have been diagnosed and attending water classes. I will be going every Friday.  They showed me some new exercises to help with the numbness I am still experiencing in my hands.  Pain is mild today. I am feeling so much better. I am now logging my symptoms and activities daily on an app for my phone and have joined two groups online. What wonderful opportunities there are now to share and support others in the same condition.



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