Melissa Hernandez

The road to recovery is twisted and long

but you’ll only make it if you are determined and strong.

On your journey you may come to find a fork in the road

or a mountain to climb.

The distance is not short and very dreary;

as the days dredge on you will become weary.

But you mustn’t stop or go back to the start;

you must press on and be brave and strong of heart.

Nothing worth it comes easy,

and with everything a price must be paid.

But it is only you who can be the one to decide if you travail,

or stay in bed and hide.

The road is hard and the journey is frightful;

but with courage and strength, the adventure can be delightful.

The people you’ll meet and the places you’ll go…

all of them you may never have known.

So take it all in as you travel along;

with a skip in your step and in your heart a song.

Be not ungrateful for the challenges you face,

as they are opportunities for you to overcome

either with failure or grace.

Do not face them discouraged or blinded;

be ready to conquer, open hearted and open minded.

Learn from each challenge the lesson it teaches;

for then the power you gain will take you far beyond your reaches.



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