Melissa Hernandez

To the bleeting of the alarm I did wake

But was it morning or was it a mistake?

The sky was gray and cold as stone

and the rain brought an aching to my bones.

But the birds still sang and the trees did sway;

So I rubbed my eyes and began my day.

Tufts of fog glided like skaters over the pond;

but no sight of the sun, just clouds rolling on and on.

A lively song the rain drops played;

upon the roof like ants on parade.

Pitter, patter, drop by drop…

I wondered if it would ever stop.

Then I sat and gazed awhile and wondered, “what’s my hurry?”;

it could be icy cold and instead a strong snow flurry!

So I sat back down and settled in

and watched the rain as it trickled down.

And smiled wide to be alive

instead of 6 feet underground.



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