Perhaps a Chiropractic Connection?

Have you ever thought about getting your head and neck examined by a
chiropractor? Today I went in for an x-ray and the chiropractor found that my
entire upper neck was out of alignment and it was pinching nerves all around my
neck and upper spine. He said this could very well answer some of the questions
as to why I am having headaches constantly, stiffness and even the pain I’ve
been experiencing for the past 4 weeks. He also mentioned numbness in the hands
and fingers as well as electrical shocks.

I was just told that my neck looks like I was in a car accident and I’ve never broken a bone or been in an accident all my life. I think that getting a chiropractor to take a second look at you
with an x-ray is a great idea because like me you may find answers to some of
your symptoms. We don’t always know why fibromyalgia does what it does. Why on
Earth would someone who’s never been in a single accident have a neck that’s so
bent it looks like I hit a tree at 50 miles an hour? Could fibro be responsible
or could it be the other way around I really can’t give a definitive answer
because I myself do not know the causes of fibro nor does any doctor that we
know of.

So what if, just what if fibro DID have some correlations between the
nerves of the head and neck and the rest of the body? We’re always looking for
answers, what is going to happen one day when we finally get one which very well
may come at any day? Will we take the necessary steps needed to help heal the
damage that our bodies have caused us? Or will some of us feel it’s too late?
Trust me, those co-payments are not cheap, so I get limitations. Plus some of us
have kids so it’s harder to find time to work on ourselves. My hope though is
that if that day ever comes we can finally shed the sadness fibro has given us
and find the hope and the strength to do anything and everything we can because
we are fighters…all of us. But it’s a process, I won’t lie…it would probably
take a lot of time if these two correlated so.

I can’t tell you that I found the answer to my problem. So many times I’ve been fooled by doctors into believing a
false sense of hope only to find myself back to square one again so I’m going to
cross my fingers for now in hopes that this can open up some doorways or some
communication between survivors to speak out, reach out and do some research
because when you’re aware, you are following the right path towards healing.
It’s always worth a shot to go get anything and everything checked out even if
you aren’t sure.

Love & Support, Haullie Volker


One comment

  1. My neck is messed up from Lyme. No history of a bullseye rash. For 15 years I had a diagnosis of me/cfs/fm. My doc agreed to give me a doxycycline provocation and low and behold after years of negative tests, including Igenex, I came back with a positive PCR. It’s not so easy to rule out Lyme. Good luck!

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