The Treasure of Change

Graystar Garibay
In my life many people have come and gone.
Most were treasures, if for a short time.
With season’s changing, or wind’s blowing, or distance growing
Many have faded as I drifted away
Change seems to happen to me a lot
It’s hard to stay in one place long.
Seasons change, wind calls, some where else beckons
With new journeys to explore.
One thing is steady for me however,
The joy that having friends like you
Has brought to my shore.
Nothing can take that away.
In my treasure chest reside a few so sweet
Who remain steady friends
No matter how often we meet
I think that will happen with me and you.
We now face change, but friendship remains
May bravery bolster your trek
May sorrow forget to follow
May the treasure of change bless you, my friend.
~Graystar Garibay-2009






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